24 January 2013

New age

Jacket- New Look
Top- Urban outfitters sale (£5)
Shorts- Zara
Fur stole- Dorothy perkins
Converse- Schuh 

Happy Thursday everyone...nearly the weekend hurrah!! I was deep in thought yesterday about my little blog and I decided that I should really spend more time on my content, rather than rushing my posts in my lunch break I am going to spend more time writing and letting you guys know a bit more about myself. I thought I would start with some random facts about me and will let you know 10 each day..until you get bored!!!

I saw this post over on Georginas lovely blog and though it was really fun.

1. I AM TERRIFIED OF FLYING. I had to put this in capitals to express the fear..... its a recent thing (last 2 years) but I can't bear the though of getting on another plane. Not cool!!

2. I love marmite on toast more than most things on this earth

3. I don't actually know my birth sign...some horoscopes say I am a Pisces and some say I am an Aquarius. Apparently people like me are called aquisces!!!

4. I worked at Disneyworld in Florida for a year

5. I am 5 ft 3

6. I performed in the millennium dome when I was 13. I was Alice in Alice in wonderland

7. I have big feet!!

8. I LOVE cats too much but I cant have one because my boyfriend is allergic

9. I passed my test first time without driving lessons (my dad taught me)

10. I hate swimming in water when I cant see the bottom


  1. 6. I performed in the millennium dome when I was 13. I was Alice in Alice in wonderland

    THAT IS SO COOL. i didn't know that!!! xxx

    1. THANKS :) yea I was a budding little actress back then!!!! xx

  2. ooo the millennium dome, so glad I went!
    I LOVE flying, defo wished I followed my dream in becoming a commercial pilot!

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  3. This is a wonderful idea :) wow at you working in Florida, and in Disneyland!! My boyfriend is allergic too, so no pets for us!! Unless it's a tiny something, like a hamster I guess! Lovely idea for a post, followed your link over to LiveLaughLipstick to have a nosey now :) xx

    1. dam boyfriends and their allergies!!! haha. Hes ok with dogs though...weird x

  4. Love this!
    Great blog!
    Check out mine sometime if you'd like xoxo

  5. Your hair looks so lovely on these photos!

    Chloe xxxx


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