30 January 2013

my weight story

Its been about 6 months since I quite the gym and after Mondays hellish fitness video (which I am supposed to do for 60 days) I realised how unfit I really am. I used to be a hobby child, mum was forever driving us back and forth throughout the week to dance, gym, hockey, trampolining, athletics, spinning….just kidding about the last one but I loved it. My sister and I loved healthy food, my mum would ask us what we wanted for dinner and we would promptly reply with 'salad'!! Mum would make up faces out of carrot sticks and peppers, not your average request for a child I know!! I was always full of energy I used to be able to dance for hours on end without breaking a sweat, yet on Monday after 2 minutes of suicide jumps my legs turned to jelly and I was gasping for air whilst trying not to vomit! To be honest I could have thrown in the towel after day one of this evil fitness regime but I decided its about time I get back to the energetic, flexible youngster I used to be. 

Up until a year ago I used to be very slim, when I was in America I was a size zero. This wasn't something I was particularly proud of and I never had any intention to be that slim, that's just the way I was. I was lucky in the sense that I could eat what I want and not put much weight on, to be honest I never really thought about my weight I just went about my everyday life.

 I was always extremely happy with my body. Being so slim did come with its cons, pancake boobs and an ironing board waist meant I used to struggle to find clothes that looked right on me...jeans would slip right down my bum and bikinis were a nightmare!!!!! I got a little bored of being told I was a skinnie minnie and the 'theres more meat on a butchers apron' line got a bit annoying but despite this I was still happy with the way I was.

 By the time I met my lovely boyfriend 4 years ago I was however really thin, you could see my hip bones and he could pick me up with one hand. A turbulent relationship whilst living in the states and the stresses of final year at uni took its toll and I was the skinniest I had ever been. As time went on with Tim and I became more content, I got past the awkward phase of not wanting to eat in front of your new boyfriend (we've all been there) and I became comfortable with stuffing my face with pizza and was slowly gaining weight.

Fast forward a year and I got my first ever 9-5 job in an office I was also struggling with really bad anxiety  ...the combination of eating crappy packed lunches, sitting down for 8 hours straight every day and tablets to help my anxiety meant my weight was slowly creeping up further which came as quite a shock at first. But after time I realised that although I had a bit of a wobbly tum and my bum grew into a booty I was really happy because for once in my life I had curves.

 So......the reason I am doing this crazy fitness regime is because I want to get healthy again. I don't eat as well as I used to and I certainly don't do as much exercise as I did. I am not intending to loose any weight but if I do shred a few pounds off my bum I will see it as a bonus. It really doesn't matter whether you are slim or curvy I was happy either way.......sexiness is health not size.


  1. Ah hun, it is tricky talking about weight and stuff but i completely understand you want to tone up etc. I used to be much slimmer as a teen but i guess my metabolism started to slow down. You look gorgeous now and then, good luck on your healthy mission :) X


  2. I love taking the time to exercise, it makes you happier, energised and means you can treat yourself and not have to worry! I got back on the fitness regime a couple of years ago after post-high school weight gain and haven't looked back! Just so you know, you do look lovely!

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post lovey! I think it's good to see how people feel about their weight! I used to be ever so skinny & since meeting my fiancé I've gained 2 stone .. He loves it & I'm slowly embracing my new found curves!



  4. I was the same as you as a kid! My mam would say "do you girls want a snack" and our reply would be "ooohhh carrot sticks pleeeaaaaseee" and I still get told not to eat too many raw peas/apples/apples/carrots/cauliflower you name it or I'd be sick :P haha!! Yay for being cool healthy kids! X

  5. I've really let myself go and as soon as my Baby is here, I'll start eating healthier and working out. I actually miss being healthy!
    You look great though!

  6. such a nice post *_* i want to weigh loss, but sometimes I cant T__T your blog looks very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!



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