27 January 2013

I never eat December snowflakes

' I never eat December snowflakes, I wait till January' Lucy- Charlie Brown

Manchester narrowly missed the snowy weather last week so yesterday Tim and I went in search of some snow in the hope of going sledging, it also meant I could wear my bright pink welly bobs. Luckily we don't live to far from the country so we drove 45 minutes away to Castleton in Derbyshire. It's such a beautiful drive through the hills, down into a tiny quaint village with country pubs and adorable little shops. The snow made for the most stunning views and there is something so mesmerising about the sun shining down on the snowy hills....so pretty! We bought a little sledge from one of the outdoor shops and took to the slopes (hill). Our sledge did somewhat resemble a tupperware lid with a handle and I did find myself getting slight sledge envy when we got there and saw people with full sized toboggans complete with steering wheels but sometimes simple is best cos we were flying down the hills!!! I did walk away with soaking wet jeans and my bum was bordering on frost bite but it was such a fun day....washed down with a Chinese and a dvd in bed you couldn't get any better really!


  1. Your photos are beautiful, have no snow where I am :( x

  2. Cute blog lady! Found you through the #fbloggers tag and you have some great photos. :)

    Beki x

  3. Great snowy photos :)



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