28 January 2013

acid wash and tartan

Jumper- New Look
Shirt- Primark
Jeans- Zara

Hai! I am currently laid spread eagle on the sofa recovering from the fitness dvd that my boyfriend just made me do. I would like to give a pat on the back to whoever came up with this devil creation as the name 'insanity workout' couldn't be more appropriate. It even had a section in it called suicide jumps...no words!!!
Anyway before I cry any more sweaty tears thinking about it, here are my next 10 random facts about me. 

11. I used to play the violin....badly

12. I absolutely love prawn crackers, prawn toast, prawn cocktail crisps but I HATE prawns. I have a small phobia of sea food...especially when they have creepy beady eyes, that stuff belongs in the sea. 

13. I used to be a massive tomboy, the thought of wearing dresses and anything girly would make me vom.

14. If there is the slightest crack in the curtains at night I cant sleep. I also cant sleep if the standby light is on on the tv...I know its there even though my eyes are closed!

15. I'm allergic to vodka

16. When I am in the sun for a long time I get crraazzzyyy freckles on my face. 

17. A few years ago I went to the rainforest in Puerto Rico..it was incredible. 

18. I love going on cruise holidays... I am such a granny.

19. I can never finish things.

20. I joined the dance society at uni but shamefully quit after a month as it clashed with a student night at Tiger Tiger. 


  1. Suicide jumps? They sound horrific! On a brighter note your jumper is rather fab : D


  2. I have that jumper! It's the best - it looks lovely with the shirt! x

  3. I love the jeans. I'd love to play the violin x

  4. Love the jumper !!

    You really pull it off well ;) xx

    Lovely blog you have here !


  5. cool outfit! love everything <3

  6. Loving this outfit you pull it off perfectly!

    Following you on GFC!

    Thanks so much for visiting Pirate Hart!


    Pirate Hart


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