31 January 2013

The best of the sales

Seeing as I am pretty skint this month I thought I would do a post on the 'best of the sales'. I think the Zara bag is too good to be true....can anyone confirm if they have bought one at this crazy cheap price?

30 January 2013

my weight story

Its been about 6 months since I quite the gym and after Mondays hellish fitness video (which I am supposed to do for 60 days) I realised how unfit I really am. I used to be a hobby child, mum was forever driving us back and forth throughout the week to dance, gym, hockey, trampolining, athletics, spinning….just kidding about the last one but I loved it. My sister and I loved healthy food, my mum would ask us what we wanted for dinner and we would promptly reply with 'salad'!! Mum would make up faces out of carrot sticks and peppers, not your average request for a child I know!! I was always full of energy I used to be able to dance for hours on end without breaking a sweat, yet on Monday after 2 minutes of suicide jumps my legs turned to jelly and I was gasping for air whilst trying not to vomit! To be honest I could have thrown in the towel after day one of this evil fitness regime but I decided its about time I get back to the energetic, flexible youngster I used to be. 

Up until a year ago I used to be very slim, when I was in America I was a size zero. This wasn't something I was particularly proud of and I never had any intention to be that slim, that's just the way I was. I was lucky in the sense that I could eat what I want and not put much weight on, to be honest I never really thought about my weight I just went about my everyday life.

 I was always extremely happy with my body. Being so slim did come with its cons, pancake boobs and an ironing board waist meant I used to struggle to find clothes that looked right on me...jeans would slip right down my bum and bikinis were a nightmare!!!!! I got a little bored of being told I was a skinnie minnie and the 'theres more meat on a butchers apron' line got a bit annoying but despite this I was still happy with the way I was.

 By the time I met my lovely boyfriend 4 years ago I was however really thin, you could see my hip bones and he could pick me up with one hand. A turbulent relationship whilst living in the states and the stresses of final year at uni took its toll and I was the skinniest I had ever been. As time went on with Tim and I became more content, I got past the awkward phase of not wanting to eat in front of your new boyfriend (we've all been there) and I became comfortable with stuffing my face with pizza and was slowly gaining weight.

Fast forward a year and I got my first ever 9-5 job in an office I was also struggling with really bad anxiety  ...the combination of eating crappy packed lunches, sitting down for 8 hours straight every day and tablets to help my anxiety meant my weight was slowly creeping up further which came as quite a shock at first. But after time I realised that although I had a bit of a wobbly tum and my bum grew into a booty I was really happy because for once in my life I had curves.

 So......the reason I am doing this crazy fitness regime is because I want to get healthy again. I don't eat as well as I used to and I certainly don't do as much exercise as I did. I am not intending to loose any weight but if I do shred a few pounds off my bum I will see it as a bonus. It really doesn't matter whether you are slim or curvy I was happy either way.......sexiness is health not size.

28 January 2013

acid wash and tartan

Jumper- New Look
Shirt- Primark
Jeans- Zara

Hai! I am currently laid spread eagle on the sofa recovering from the fitness dvd that my boyfriend just made me do. I would like to give a pat on the back to whoever came up with this devil creation as the name 'insanity workout' couldn't be more appropriate. It even had a section in it called suicide jumps...no words!!!
Anyway before I cry any more sweaty tears thinking about it, here are my next 10 random facts about me. 

11. I used to play the violin....badly

12. I absolutely love prawn crackers, prawn toast, prawn cocktail crisps but I HATE prawns. I have a small phobia of sea food...especially when they have creepy beady eyes, that stuff belongs in the sea. 

13. I used to be a massive tomboy, the thought of wearing dresses and anything girly would make me vom.

14. If there is the slightest crack in the curtains at night I cant sleep. I also cant sleep if the standby light is on on the tv...I know its there even though my eyes are closed!

15. I'm allergic to vodka

16. When I am in the sun for a long time I get crraazzzyyy freckles on my face. 

17. A few years ago I went to the rainforest in Puerto Rico..it was incredible. 

18. I love going on cruise holidays... I am such a granny.

19. I can never finish things.

20. I joined the dance society at uni but shamefully quit after a month as it clashed with a student night at Tiger Tiger. 

27 January 2013

I never eat December snowflakes

' I never eat December snowflakes, I wait till January' Lucy- Charlie Brown

Manchester narrowly missed the snowy weather last week so yesterday Tim and I went in search of some snow in the hope of going sledging, it also meant I could wear my bright pink welly bobs. Luckily we don't live to far from the country so we drove 45 minutes away to Castleton in Derbyshire. It's such a beautiful drive through the hills, down into a tiny quaint village with country pubs and adorable little shops. The snow made for the most stunning views and there is something so mesmerising about the sun shining down on the snowy hills....so pretty! We bought a little sledge from one of the outdoor shops and took to the slopes (hill). Our sledge did somewhat resemble a tupperware lid with a handle and I did find myself getting slight sledge envy when we got there and saw people with full sized toboggans complete with steering wheels but sometimes simple is best cos we were flying down the hills!!! I did walk away with soaking wet jeans and my bum was bordering on frost bite but it was such a fun day....washed down with a Chinese and a dvd in bed you couldn't get any better really!

24 January 2013

New age

Jacket- New Look
Top- Urban outfitters sale (£5)
Shorts- Zara
Fur stole- Dorothy perkins
Converse- Schuh 

Happy Thursday everyone...nearly the weekend hurrah!! I was deep in thought yesterday about my little blog and I decided that I should really spend more time on my content, rather than rushing my posts in my lunch break I am going to spend more time writing and letting you guys know a bit more about myself. I thought I would start with some random facts about me and will let you know 10 each day..until you get bored!!!

I saw this post over on Georginas lovely blog and though it was really fun.

1. I AM TERRIFIED OF FLYING. I had to put this in capitals to express the fear..... its a recent thing (last 2 years) but I can't bear the though of getting on another plane. Not cool!!

2. I love marmite on toast more than most things on this earth

3. I don't actually know my birth sign...some horoscopes say I am a Pisces and some say I am an Aquarius. Apparently people like me are called aquisces!!!

4. I worked at Disneyworld in Florida for a year

5. I am 5 ft 3

6. I performed in the millennium dome when I was 13. I was Alice in Alice in wonderland

7. I have big feet!!

8. I LOVE cats too much but I cant have one because my boyfriend is allergic

9. I passed my test first time without driving lessons (my dad taught me)

10. I hate swimming in water when I cant see the bottom

21 January 2013

Handmade valentines day gift idea

I made this picture/collage for Tim for xmas but I also think it would make a perfect and personal valentines day gift. 

What you will need:

Box frame 
Wrapping paper or fabric for the background
Strong glue
Mini pegs
Wooden and metal hearts 
Your favourite pictures

I saw a similar frame to this in BHS before Christmas and decided I could make one myself to go in our new shabby chic room. I always think handmade gifts are gratefully received and personally I love getting crafty every now and again. It was really easy to make and there are loads are different things you could do with the collage, I chose the hearts as I thought they looked quite vintage. I have meaning to buy a special pen to write a little message on the wooden heart. I bought all my stuff from Hobbycraft but you could buy your bits and bobs from any craft store. 

Let me know if you decide to make a picture collage for a loved one

20 January 2013

funny your the broken one

Jacket- Debenhams
Top- Primark
Jeans- Zara
Shoes- F&F

My luminous green top is a subtle nod towards spring, I need some colour in my life. I also think it looks really cool with my new acid wash jeans. I had my eye on the acid wash leighs in Topshop but I found these in Zara for half the price and they are virtually identical. I love how different they look to normal denim jeans, you could wear with them a basic top but still look stylish...Tim says they make my legs look slim too which is an added bonus!!!
 I'm pretty much over winter now especially as Manchester seems to be the only place in England to have had no snow. A slight dusting of talcum powder doesn't count, I really wanted to go sledging but I wanted a snow day even more...one can hope!

16 January 2013

Louise Gray for Topshop cheek duo- up in the air

Louise Gray duo blush £3.00 (topshop sale)

After finally trying out Topshop make up and loving it, I decided next on my list was one of their cream blushes (I had heard good things people). I was in Toppers on boxing day cowering in the corner whilst my mum battled the crowds to find a midi skirt and I came across the Louise Gray duo blush (pictured above). What immediately caught my eye was the awesome packaging along with the pretty nifty price tag, it was down from £12.50 to £6.00 but my rising blood pressure made me put it down and run for the door. I went back to Topshop 2 weeks later, was greeted by a much calmer atmosphere and found the very same blusher for £3.00...that's fate my friends, or patience either way WINNER!

I'm not sure how I feel about the bright orange but I think it would look nice in the summer with a tan, the pink however is gorgeous. They have a really nice creamy consistency and it doesn't cake in my dry skin which is always nice. It also gives a nice glow to the cheeks. I think its now sold out on the website but you might still be able to find it in store.

Have you tried any of the Louise Gray collection?

14 January 2013

new kicks

Top/dress- Topshop
Jacket- Debenhams
Converse- schuh

The shoes adorning my boat feet in these pics are my main Christmas present from Tim and the very first pair of converse I have ever owned. He originally bought me the purple high tops but they were too big so I returned them and got these polka dot beauties instead. They are exclusive to schuh and I think they are really different to other converse I have seen, I love the double tongue and the different colour polka dot on the inside.I am bit precious with them at the moment, I don't want to wear them out and get them dirty...they haven't been very far yet!!!

13 January 2013

Designer steal

There is no denying the Celine Boston Tote is a beautiful bag but with a very hefty price tag. I have never been one to splash out on handbags, the most expensive one I own was £100 and that was a gift, however that doesn't mean I don't appreciate an amazing bag when I see it. I would love to say I could/would stroll around with a $1000 bag on my arm but really..........I could go to the Caribbean for that!!!! Although this Zara bag isn't an exact dupe for the Celine there are some definite similarities and you would have enough change to buy 49 or so if you wanted too!!!!

11 January 2013

studs and tassels

As the ever so talented Rebecca Black once said....It's Friday and I am getting down on it! After a crappy week in work I am welcoming the weekend with open arms, then again I always do.
This lovely specimen of a jumper was a present from my gok wan wannabe boyfriend for xmas. For the past few years he has bought me clothes (without me asking) and every time he manages to buy something I love and also something that fits. It is from republic but is by a brand called Lou Lou, I'd like to think this influenced his decision as Lou is my nickname, however I dont think he is that forward thinking! I love it all the same and I think it goes really well with this midi skirt from Topshop, xmas present from mother bear (thanks again mum, I know your reading :) )

8 January 2013

girl from the city

Dress- ebay
shirt- primark
boots- tesco

It looks like a have a new favourite pair of boots. It may partly have something to do with the fact that my black studded ankle boots are utterly ruined. Tim's family came to stay this weekend with the dog so I was expecting some sort of epic country walk somewhere and that it was!!!!. I went prepared with my wellies but 5 minutes into wearing them my feet decided to have some crazy welly allergic reaction...who knows!!! Off came the wellies and back on went my totally inappropriate walking footwear (my black heeled primark boots)
All was fine until we took a detour through some farmland. Cue Tim carrying me up and large hill ankle deep in mud and nearly dropping me in a trench full of water. Lots of laughter was to be had but I was deeply concerned for the safety of my new fur coat....you cant take the city out of the girl!!!!

7 January 2013

its almost over now

Tee- Clothes show
Skirt- Topshop
Hat- Primark
Shoes- Matalan

I promise this hat is different to the one that is permanently attached to my head most days, it is also from Primark but I got this one for xmas from the rentals. They know me so well!!!
I got stuck in a mahusive traffic jam on the way home from doing a food shop so I'm in no mood to chat tonight. I am off to get into my onesie and grab me and early night!!

6 January 2013

Sunday funday

Dress- republic
Shoes- F+F
Necklace- Forever 21
Hat- Primark
Jacket- h&m

The other day I posted a pic of me wearing this dress on xmas eve and I said I was going to do an outfit post with it dressed down, so here it is.I really loved this dress especially the cut out shoulders and dip hem, I will definitely be getting plenty of wear out of it. As you can see I have an intruder in my pictures today, I am dog sitting Tim's parents dog whilst they go to a car boot sale in Manchester. Those of you who haven't seen him on my blog before, his name is Elliot and he is a whippet and the most adorable thing in the world, I just wanna squeeze him hes so CUTE!!!

4 January 2013

Light a candle see it glow

This is pretty much my life right now, candles and my onesie!!! Not long ago I thought candles were for when you had a power cut but again since blogging I have developed a few new obsessions and this is one of them. I know quite a few people have done posts on their fav candles but I couldn't help but join in as I have some amazing ones that near enough spank yankees arse! 
 The pink one with the bow is from primark (£1) and oh my days it smells AMAZING. Its called smoothie and it smells like sweets and fruit and gorgeousness but not too sickly. I hate candles that smell amazing in the flesh but when they are burning don't really smell at all, this isn't the case with primark candles, their scent fills the whole room and to be honest I just want to eat it!!!! My mum got me some coconut tea lights from primark for Christmas and they are heavenly.

The orange one is from homesense, it came in a set of 3 in a really pretty box and they were £4 in the sale. The scent is orange and coconut which may not seem like your average scent combination but let me tell you.....I cant deal with how amazing the smell is, it reminds me of Hollister from some reason. I do own some small yankee candles, my favourite is soft blanket but to be honest for the price I would rather go and buy 20 primark candles.

A sneak peek of my bedroom

Since starting my blog, naturally my love for shabby chic has grown!! I managed to persuade my boyfriend to completely redo our bedroom and this is a sneak peek of what we (he) has done so far. My boyfriend used to be a joiner so he loves buying old furniture and doing it up. Both the bed and bedside table were bought for next to nothing off gumtree, they were both an awful pine colour but he sanded them down and painted them. We didn't want all the furniture to be white so he decided to buy some duck egg blue paint as well. The bed cover is so pretty and was from BHS in the sale, the owl cushion was also from BHS but was a Christmas present off Tim. I have recently developed a slight obsession for owls...god only knows!!!
We still have some work to do but I love it so far and cant wait to see it finished.

3 January 2013

Twas the night before christmas- ootd

This is my xmas eve outfit, I am aware I look drunk and I have a food baby but all in the aid of showing you this amazing dress :) I snapped it up in republic the week before Christmas at the barganious price of £15. To be fair on the hanger it looked like a sack of crap but I gave it the benefit of the doubt, tried it on and loved it. I don't own anything like it and although I had a major underwear dilemma the night I wore it (VPL issues) I got some lovely compliments whilst I was out. I am going to do a proper ootd with it and I think I will dress it down with my beloved studded ankle boots and my leather jacket. watch this space....

2 January 2013

Topshop make up...its love!!!

A new love affair on lolacolakate has begun.....Topshop make up. I was lucky enough to receive these amazing items for Christmas and its safe to say now I have tried it I will definitely be buying more. Now admittedly its not the best quality make up I have ever come across but I am a sucker for nice packaging and this it definitely does have. Priced at £16, the eyeshadow palette may seem a little pricey to some but I think it is worth it as the colours are so gorgeous and are amazing for a smokey eye fan like me. They are really pigmented (I forgot to take a picture of swatches sorry) and are a really nice formula, quite creamy. I absolutely love the colour on the far right, its such a stunning shade for brightening the eye.
The liner is amazing for hand wobblers like me. I am rubbish at applying winged liner but this has the most precise nib for easy application. It doesn't last all day which is annoying but it does stay on for a good 4-5 hours so its perfect for a night out...as long as there is no tears!!!
I have tried the nail polish and its a lovely buildable colour, it applied nicely and didn't take to long to dry. I did notice a few tiny chips 24 hours after application but nothing to drastic.

I love all of these products, I want to try one of their cream blushes next. What Topshop make up do you own?