10 December 2012

aztec print and christmas trees

Jumper- Clothes show
Jeans- Topshop
Shoes- Matalan

This is my lil aztec number that I bought at the clothes show along with my geek t shirt (previous post). I learnt from past experience at the clothes show that if you stick around until the end of the day most of the shops drop their prices. At the start of the day this jumper was £20 but I nabbed it for £12... mwaahaha I'm so thrifty!!!! I really love aztec print and I think the colour combination of peach and gold is gorgeous.I wanted to pair it with my black leigh jeans but they were in the wash. I also think you could dress this jumper up with heels.
I think I am going to have to have this hat surgically removed from my head I love it so much, who knew a £2 bobble hats from the kids section in primark could bring me so much joy. I want more...in every colour, just call me the hat lady!!



  1. Awh you look gorgeous! Love the jumper and hat too! xxx

  2. Love the jumper and shoesss :) looking gorgeous xxxxx

  3. love how relaxed this outfit is! it looks super comfy and warm as well..

    your blog is lovely :) new follower right here.


  4. £12 is such a bargain. jealous! So sad i missed the clothes show this year. It must have been fun.
    Now following, love your blog!

    Lola and Fikki xx

  5. I love the pattern on that jumper!

    Julia x

  6. I love the patterned jumper, can't believe it was only £12! x

  7. Cute sweater!

    xo Jennifer


  8. Love this sweater, it's so cute!

  9. What a great jumper! I love bold patterns


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