18 November 2012

you took my heart and held it in your mouth

Hat- Primark
Tee- New Look
Jacket- Debenhams
Jeans- Topshop
Boots- Primark

Dya like me new AT? This adorable little bobble was £2 from the kids section in Primark, it fits like a glove so either I have a really small head or kids these days have big noggings???
This weekend has been very low key. Yesterday we helped my friend move house and then went for a Curry at the hotel I work at. Today Tim got up at sparrows fart to go to the huge indoor car boot in Manchester. He came home proud as punch having found some marc jacobs daisy that was still wrapped in its box as a present for me. It was a bargain at £15 but unfortunately upon opening the box, Sherlock Holmes here sniffed an immediate fake, the bottle was the give away. It doesn't even smell remotely like daisy....the little swines. It smells quite nice though so all is not lost but it does annoy me. There are so many people out there selling fakes these days, especially on Ebay. My mum got stung buying Mac on Ebay and they were actually pretty close to the real thing. The only give away was the fact it didn't have the subtle vanilla smell that mac lipsticks have. 
Be careful when buying online kids, there are some dodgy Davids out there!!!!


  1. That hat is so cute can't believe it is from the kids section! Such a shame about the fake there are far too many these days, I don't trust buying online now always hear the bad stories! xo

    1. i knw haha i always look in the kids section xx

  2. You look lovely! I love the hat :) xo

  3. Cute outfit :) I love the tee and the beanie xxx


    1. thank you, i am in love with my hat :) x

  4. love your boots! wish i had them x x

  5. Love the beanie, def going to purchase one! xx


  6. lovely hat! and great outfit!


  7. Love this hat! Really want it in burgundy.
    Fake perfume sucks :( I work selling fragrance and my sister always comes home from holidays with what she insists is real perfume And then I smell it and its nothing like the original! Haha so rubbish!
    Laura x


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