11 November 2012

Primark, Primark, Primark

Shorts- Primark
Shirt- My sisters
Top- Primark (DIY)
Necklace- Primark
Shoes- Primark

Someone please ban me from Primark.... The end!!!!

Just kidding, I've promised myself I am going to start shopping in different shops from now on but I just don't have the money at the moment to shop in Topshop et al!!! I would love a pay rise from santa, I might write it on my list.
I've been rocking the fishtail plait quite a bit recently, I think its such an easy but stylish hair style and frankly sometimes I cant be bothered to spend more than 5 minutes on my hair! More time in bed? Yes please. 
Lastly...I am having some camera issues, all my photos are coming out really grainy even in good lighting. Do you guys have any ideas why this could be?


  1. You look great! I love the outfit.
    As far as your camera goes, have you checked if you have it on a particular setting? Like macro, full auto and so on? If not, try changing them around. Hope that helped :) xo

  2. Ooh I love your shorts! Hair looks pretty too

    Julia x

  3. Really love that necklace! xx

  4. Love this outfit, esp the necklace! x

  5. Great outfit! Love your necklace x

  6. My photos are super grainy in perfect light and awful quality when I crop or zoom in! It's drives me mad. Mines a Lumix, I've heard they can be grainy but I'm pretty sure it's cz if cant use it!!!

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  8. Lovely look :) x


  9. lovely outfit! really into checked tops at the moment!! wish it was warm enough for shorts *sigh*

    subbed to your blog via RSS :)

    Miss drifted Snow White

  10. Love how you've paired this with neon necklace!
    Cute outfit
    S xx


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