12 November 2012

once upon a time, a few mistakes ago

Tee- New Look
Jacket- Debenhams
Skirt- Forever 21
Shoes- Matalan
Headband- Primark
Bag- Kathy van zealand

WAHEY...I nearly managed a whole outfit without Primark!! I am definitely getting my moneys worth out of this skirt I have worn it so many times, I like the length as it doesn't make my short legs look any shorter...or does it???
Anyway the reason why the photos all look different is because I was trying different settings to see if they helped with the graininess but it doesn't...hmph help me out guys, please!!!
Now if you will excuse me I am off to drool over Jamie Olivers 15 minute meals. 


  1. You are most adorable and so is ur blog! Will definitly be coming back to check it out again.

    Have followed u, how about a follow back?

  2. I love your skirt! I've been after one that length for a while, wish there was a Forever 21 near me!

    I didn't really notice the graininess in your photos but I find that uploading photos through Blogger makes them really blurry and low quality, I use photobucket and I know some people who use flickr and it seems a lot better, maybe that would help with the quality of your pics? xx

  3. I adore that skirt, it looks so lovely on you :) x x x

  4. Such a super cute outfit, i love forever 21.




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