1 November 2012

MUA nail polish review (and a sneak peek of Barry M rose quartz glitter)

MUA just continue to impress me with their make up, especially their nail varnishes. My friend has a lovely set of nails so I asked her to model these shades for me and I absolutely love this pink shade called 'bright plum'. I'm not quite sure why its called plum as I would associate that with more of a purple colour but meh why be picky, this colour is gorgeous. I absolutely love the blue tones and the pearlescent finish. I got an opaque coverage with only 2 coats and application was fairly simple, quite a dream really for a nail polish that costs the same as a mcdonalds cheese burger!!! I painted the ring finger with 'all nude', not much to say about this as its just a basic white but perfect as a base, especially for nail art. Now.....save the best till last and to be honest this picture does not do it an inch on justice, on top of all nude is Barry M's rose quartz glitter. Oh my life this nail polish is a right beauty, I am like a magpie when it comes to sparkle and this shade is no exception. It have to admit it doesnt look that amazing over the white, but paint it over a dark base coat and be prepared to be dazzled...what a beaut!!!

Do you love MUA nail polish as much as me? 


  1. I do like MUA polishes but I think the brush lets it down. Not quite wide enough.


  2. The look really good, great review.

  3. That MUA bright plumb polish is beautiful. xxx


  4. This actually looks great, I never even considered checking out MUA polishes but after this I will for sure! Following you! xx


  5. I wouldn't say it's very "plum" either, but it is a lovely shade!

  6. I've not tried this brand, but this is a lovely shade! I'm now following you - I'd love it if you checked my blog out too! Felicity x


Thanks for your comments :) xx