23 November 2012

Guest post by SarahLoves- Patterned trousers

I was looking for someone to write a guest post for me and I was honoured when Sarah from Sarah loves said she would do one. I love what she has written and you should def go check out her blog its amazing and her pictures are bloomin lovely.
'This article has been written by Sarah from SarahLoves. You can also find her over on
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Patterned trousers have been taking the fashion world by storm lately and with the cooler months in full swing they will only become more popular. From the high street to the catwalks they have graced every magazine, appeared in every well-known fashion store and featured on many independent fashion blogs. They are a great way to brighten up your outfit whilst keeping you warm and stylish.
Before patterned trousers became a big hit we had only ever seen legs graced with patterned leggings and tights. Patterned trousers compared to tights and leggings keep your legs much warmer. Tights are all very well but they can be too hot in the summer and have to be carefully styled during the winter. With leggings unless you are very brave or have a model's figure they are not for everyone. For some we cannot get over that fact it looks like you have left your skirt or shorts at home and are constantly on camel toe watch.
Patterned trousers can come in many different styles, patterned jeans, work style trousers and harem trousers. The most popular as of late has been in floral jeans and animal prints. I myself own a pair of red floral jeans and get compliments everywhere I go. They are bold and eye catching without being too much or revealing.
Patterned trousers are warm and versatile. They look just as great layered with jumpers, coats with woolly socks and boots as they do with sandals and a strappy top. They are perfect for climates like in Britain where even in the height of summer, trousers are the legwear of choice. You can wear them in the day time or out on the town at night.
They make a nice change from indigo denim jeans. They are statement trousers that make an impact. And just like jeans they can look really flattering if you go for a big print as can make your legs looks slimmer.
Unsure how to wear them? Let your trousers do all the work. Go with block coloured accessories in one of the same shades of the trousers, this will compliment them and keep the focus on your beautiful patterned trousers. For autumn you will want to work with layering, they go great with slouchy oversized jumpers, ankle boots and tucked into wooly warm socks. Don't be afraid to keep the rest of the outfit simple - this is the greatest thing about patterned trousers, they keep you effortlessly stylish.


  1. Thanks for posting my guest post lovely :)

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  2. Ahh the pants are so beautiful! Loving the colours and the pop of red, really pretty xo



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