15 November 2012

Breaking Dawn

Jumper- H&M
Shorts- Primark
Shoes- Matalan
Necklace- Gift
Greasy hair- No excuse!!

I feel like a 90's throw back in these photos with my pony tail, all I need now is a scrunchie and I'm good to go....Fresh Prince of Bel air will be calling!!
I think I may have to surgically remove this jumper I have had it on everyday since I bought it on Tuesday but do you blame me? Its so dam cool. I needed some more jumpers in my winter wardrobe so I snatched this up for ten english pounds. H&M do baffle me sometimes with their prices, I always feel shocked looking at the labels, the clothes are either really cheap or stupidly pricey, no inbetween!!!
Anyway I am off for a power nap. I am going to see the last ever twilight tonight (sob) and it starts at midnight....Don't judge!!!


  1. Love your jumper, pretty colours!

    Julia x

  2. loving the 90s look! and I know what you mean about H&M pricing, I love that jumper

    Robyn Mayday

  3. This outfit is extremely cute! xx


Thanks for your comments :) xx