4 November 2012

Angelica nail colour

Stiletto, platinum, sapphire and crystal

What better way to cheer yourself up after a crappy weekend than with fancy nail polish. This is angelica's new xmas collection which can be found in Primark soon and retails for around £2.50 a bottle. My favourite has to be the red on its own, its such a luxurious autumn shade and I was really surprised how glossy it was after just one coat. The glitter is also gorgeous and reminds me a bit of something models own would do, I can't wait to try it over a black base coat. 
Below is a sneak peak of their metallics collection. How god dam gorgeous is the multicoloured glitter. 
OPI who???

I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself today after what was an EXTREMELY expensive weekend for all the wrong reasons. On my way home from work on Friday my car decided to pack up on me....YAY. Upon taking it to the garage on Saturday morning I was told I had a massive  hole in the catalytic converter and was going to have to fork out £550 for a new one. It's safe to say I didn't take the news well. I held it together whilst I was in the garage but I may have had a mini breakdown on the way home!!!! Cars are such liabilities, I may be asking for a bike for Christmas!!!


  1. I absolutely love Angelica nail polish, I was lucky enough to be sent some & now I'm addicted! I even bought some for my mum as she was impressed with my nails :) I think stiletto & crystal are my fave out of the ones you've blogged about :) perfect for Christmas!

    L x


  2. Love the colours! Esp the greeny platinum one! x


  3. I love this nail polish brand, it's so affordable xx

  4. The glittery one is so pretty! I also really like the four left colors in the bottom photo! :)

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  5. I won the comp too -- you received lovely colours. The silver one is lovely.


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