28 October 2012

tears stream down your face

Top- Primark
Skirt- Forever 21
Shoes- Primark
Necklace- Primark
Bag- Gift
Earrings- Dorothy Perkins

I am not too sure how I feel about midi skirts on me because of my short legs but I just loved this one from forever 21, the oxblood colour is right on trend for autumn. I appreciate clothing that can form as a staple in your wardrobe and can be dressed for any occasion. This particular occasion was a night out in Manchester to watch Michael Mcintyre. As anticipated he was hilarious and at one point I had pains in my stomach and tears rolling down my cheeks from all the laughing. I just love how he acts out real life situations that people can relate to. At one point he was acting out how unattractive women look whilst putting on tights, even my boyfriend was in stitches. It is true after all, there's nothing sexy about tights, especially when your spend your whole day pulling them up at the crotch like me!!


  1. You look lovely :) I'm seeing Michael McIntyre with my boyfriend next month, can't wait! I'm definitely that person that's always yanking their tights up at the crotch.. they never stay up! x

    1. thanks. aw hes so funny you will love it. tights are a definate pain in my life!!! x

  2. Hey, I have just nominated you for the Liebster Award :) Hope you don't mind! Check out my blog post as to what to do next! lucyrosex.blogspot.co.uk xxx

  3. I have that necklace!! It makes the coolest tinkling sound every time I move :P

    - Erin xo

    365mu.blogspot.co.uk - One girl's attempt at creating 365 different make-up looks in as many days

    1. i love it, such a statement peice x

  4. I was curious about these tips from primark! Didn't realise they came so long! Ill be getting one! :) great blog x

  5. I love the top!! It is so cute and you could wear it with anything!! Great look lady and very cute blog!! I'm your newest follower!

  6. Love that skirt hun! You have such a fab figure :)


  7. I love your top and necklace! Would never have thought they'd come from Primark- it really does have some great pieces. I know what you mean about having short legs and worrying about midi skirts but this one looks lovely on you x

  8. Love this necklace :)
    Stunning! You now have a new follower x

    P.S thanks for the lovely comment on twitter

  9. Love the top, really is gorgeous!
    SO true about the tights thing..they really are the worst :(..

    The Little Teapot


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