21 October 2012

LM Beauty- Nail polish review

Every now and again I like to mix things up a bit on my blog and do a beauty post. A couple of weeks ago LM Beauty tweeted that they wanted some bloggers to review their nail polishes. I jumped at this opportunity as I do have a border line obsession with painting my nails and they kindly sent me this gorgeous shimmery mushroom colour a few days later.
 (I have Barry M Rose quartz glitter on my ring finger which I think goes beautifully which the nude shade.)

I had never heard of LM Beauty but I am always on the look out for new brands of nail polish and I have to say I am very impressed with this one. 

I was so surprised that I only needed one coat of this polish to get an opaque coverage, something that is really important me as I am very impatient!!! The brush is also a nice size for my nails so it went on easily.

Drying time
I think the polish dried quite quickly, which is a major bonus, however I did notice some slight crease marks  the next morning so they may have been a little damp when I went to bed.

How long does it last?
I applied the polish on Tuesday night before I went on holiday. By the time I got home on Saturday night there was only some slight chipping on the tip of my nail and on the nail bed, this is what impressed me the most. Here is what they looked like on Sunday before I reapplied the polish.

You can't buy LM Beauty in the shops as they are a brand who supplies beauty spa's and salons however you can buy it online here .I think this particular polish retails for around £7.00. 

Would I recommend this brand?

Before I go I just want to mention and say a big thank you to Ruby and Rose jewelry  I recently won one of their giveaways on twitter and one of the things they sent me was the beautiful silver and black bracelet pictured above. 


  1. Looks lovely. Really like the glittery nail on the ring finger! x

  2. I've got a mushroom nail polish and it hasn't been off my nails all autumn.
    What a nice idea to just cover one nail in glitter, I'll need to give that a go!

    le fresne x

  3. This polish sounds like a dream :) one coat and it looks like that?? Amazing!! I too am impatient! I love the glitter polish you teamed it with as well x

  4. your nails look amazing :)

    im loving that colour


  5. Your nails look lovely! Definitely a great find!!! Xx

  6. I wouldn't tend to go for this sort of colour but I love what you've done with the glitter nail! :) I'm following your blog now! Would you mind checking mine out and let me know what you think please?

    Thanks www.thepulseoffashion.blogspot.com xx

  7. What lovely nails you've got - mine are so short and simple I'm jealous! Gorgeous colour too and the detail on the one finger is fab. Can I just say your rings are absolutely beautiful too!



Thanks for your comments :) xx