2 October 2012

Duo style challenge

I have had a few emails recently asking me to take part in style challenges; I decided to take part in this one because I have been saying to myself that this Autumn I am going to invest in a good pair of boots. I have never heard of DUO before but their boots are lovely and look such good quality. The challenge was to put together an outfit for this season featuring a pair of boots or shoes from their website.I opted for some black ankle boots as they are timeless and to be honest I’m not such a fan of tall boots. This pair cost £110.00 which to some (me) sounds a little pricey but what you (I) need to remember is they are leather so will last for years.

The look I have gone for is inspired by my new found love for skirt and jumper combinations, I love the mix between girly and casual!! Tweed is on trend for this A/W and I think the grey in the skirt looks gorgeous with the pink in the studded jumper (of course I had to have studs in there somewhere). I chose to keep the accessories the same colour as the boots and introduced a bit of gold to compliment the gold studs on the jumper. I love the owl bag, how bloomin cute!!

I think this look is extremely versatile as you could wear it for a number of occasions but I can imagine wearing it for a nice walk in the park followed by a cosy lunch in a nice English pub.

Do you like this outfit? Have you ever heard of Duo?


  1. great outfit, love the bag so much! I have never heard of Duo before either but these boots are beaut! Perfect for autumn xx

  2. AMAZING!!!!!!!!

    p.s. let us know if you would like to follow each other


  3. YES to this outfit!


Thanks for your comments :) xx