23 October 2012

accidental mini beauty haul

Look at me pretending to be a beauty blogger!!! So this is what happened......after work my car accidentally turned right instead of left and I ended up at the Trafford Centre, such a shame but I did come home with some lovely new beauty items.

Garnier 24 hr hydrating day cream
I was in need of a new moisturiser as my No7 beautiful skin day cream is running out and I also find it a bit too heavy for my skin. I liked the look of this one as it is enriched with rose water, which I have heard many a rave review on. Apparently it acts as an anti inflammatory and soothes dry irritated skin, something I suffer with a lot. I expect big things from this little pot and at the moment its half price in superdrug (£2.99) so snap it up while you can

Kate Moss matte lipstick
 I have been asking you lovely bloggers on twitter for advice on good matte lipsticks with staying power. I was recommended Kate Moss' new range by several people so I bit the bullet and bought shade 110, which is a lovely coral/red. So far I am not IN love with it but its better than other lipsticks I own. As it's a matte lipstick it does stay on longer than lipsticks that are slightly more glossy but I by the time I got home from the Trafford Centre my lips did feel a little dry. I suppose nothing that cant be solved with a bit of vaseline.

NYC ultra last lipwear
This lipstick is in the shade blue rose and I think its stunning. I have lots of red lipsticks but not many pinks so I thought I would give this one a go and at £1.49 if I don't love it I'm not going to feel too guilty. I like how it has a blue undertone as I believe it helps make your teeth look whiter, something that I will always welcome with the state of my knashers (serial coke drinker)

Mua Nail Polish
I am a mahusive fan of MUA nail polish. It's cheap, applies like a dream and it surprisingly lasts longer than most polishes I own. I love both of these shades, the first one is bright plum and matches perfectly which the NYC lipstick. I think the slight blue shimmer in it will look gorgeous on. The second is called all nude and I have big plans for this lil number. I am planning on using it as a base coat with Barry M's rose quartz glitter on top. OOO ER!!

So there you have it, my lil beauty haul. (I will review each item in due course)


  1. really want to try the kate moss matte lipsticks, that colour is beautiful! xx

  2. I'd like to try the red one.
    Love your nail polish by the way!

    le fresne x

  3. Oh my goodness both such gorgeous colours!! Dying right now :o




  4. I'm a firm believer that you don't need to spend a fortune on make-up; you can find some great little gems in the "high street" beauty brands.

    I'm a new follower of yours - wanna follow back? :)

    - Erin xo

    365mu.blogspot.co.uk - One girl's attempt at creating 365 different make-up looks in as many days

  5. i bought that mua polish the other day too, i wasnt too impressed but i suppose at £1 you cant really go wrong!!!


  6. Whoooopss and it all falls in your basket ;) hahaha amazing stuff love! I'm really impressed by those lippies!


  7. Haha! 'Accidental Mini Haul' - oh this happens to me too much..! I'm dying to try the Kate Moss lippies!! The shade you got looks stunning. I find a lot of matte lipsticks really drying too :( it's a shame

    Robyn Mayday

  8. I'm really liking the MUA nail polishes at the moment, I just wish they had more colours!

    Lana, xo

  9. lovely colours :D



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