31 October 2012

hold your breath and count to ten

Dress worn as top- H&M
Cardigan- Topman (boyfriends)
Jeans- Topshop
Fur stole- Off a coat from forever 21
Shoes- Primark
Earrings- Outfit

I was looking for something to throw on today as I was cold in my igloo of a house, and couldn't find any of my own cardigans in my forever growing floordrobe. I had a sneak pic in Tim's wardrobe and found this old topman cardigan, not too shabby I said to myself and flung it one with one my fur stoles!! I think I might raid his wardrobe more often, after all the 'androgynous' look is still in. 
It was dark when I left work today, it just makes me want to crawl under the covers when I get home and not leave until I wake up. How amazing would it be to be a hedgehog, you just get to sleep under your pile of leaves all day. Bliss!!

30 October 2012

Some more poochy pics

As so many of you lovely bloggers enjoyed my post on pebbles the puppy I thought I would share some more poochy pics, I know lots of you are animal lovers. 
First up is Tim's parents dog Elliot. He is a whippet pedigree and a right handful. Hes only just over 1 year old and he still very much behaves like a puppy, he has so much energy and is absolutely crazy
 but he is so beautiful and I love him so much. A couple of years ago I didn't even like dogs but this little fella has well and truly changed my mind. 

Then....around 8 months ago me and Tim decided to get a dog and we also wanted a whippet. We decided on Jake who was a whippet collie cross and was such a sweetie but extremely nervous when we took him from his owners. Unfortunately things didn't work out how we had hoped and we couldn't keep Jake which broke my heart as I fell in love with him after just a week. 

Don't his eyes just make you melt? I miss him SO much..

29 October 2012

The story of my perfect coat

The reason for this post is because of a very sad story. Last Christmas Tim bought me a coat, he chose it himself and I was so proud...it was beautiful, love at first sight. It fit like a glove and everywhere I wore it people would say how gorgeous it was, but one day I noticed a hole and then I noticed several more holes. I panicked and ran back to the shop to return it and get another one but they had sold out, they had sold out EVERYWHERE :( It was either keep the coat covered in holes or get the money back. I chose the money but still to this day I regret it, I had given up the perfect coat. I looked everywhere for it, I searched high and low in every Topshop and spent hours on ebay trying to find one that I didn't need a mortgage to buy!!! But I was too late the coat was gone, never to be worn again. Please can we all take a moment to mourn over my beautiful coat.....

So in memory of this amazing coat I thought I would do wishlist....

Left to right

28 October 2012

tears stream down your face

Top- Primark
Skirt- Forever 21
Shoes- Primark
Necklace- Primark
Bag- Gift
Earrings- Dorothy Perkins

I am not too sure how I feel about midi skirts on me because of my short legs but I just loved this one from forever 21, the oxblood colour is right on trend for autumn. I appreciate clothing that can form as a staple in your wardrobe and can be dressed for any occasion. This particular occasion was a night out in Manchester to watch Michael Mcintyre. As anticipated he was hilarious and at one point I had pains in my stomach and tears rolling down my cheeks from all the laughing. I just love how he acts out real life situations that people can relate to. At one point he was acting out how unattractive women look whilst putting on tights, even my boyfriend was in stitches. It is true after all, there's nothing sexy about tights, especially when your spend your whole day pulling them up at the crotch like me!!

26 October 2012

Life through a lens

Shirt- Primark
Top- Primark
Jeans- Topshop
Shoes- Primark
Necklace- Gift

25 October 2012

Lovin tartan

Not long ago the thought of tartan would make me squirm. I can’t decide whether it’s because I used to be a bit of a pattern phobic or the fact it makes me think of that god awful fashion we had around 12 years ago where tartan ties and short pleated skirts were all the rage.

That was until I started to see tartan popping up in shops and fashion blogs and I began to develop a romance with the print, a tartan shirt even made its way into my wardrobe recently. I do however like it in moderation and I definitely won’t be donning a full tartan trouser suit any time soon.

All these items have been taken from the Polyvore site here (slaps myself on wrist for being too lazy to put the links)

24 October 2012


Oh HEY! My names Pebbles and aren't I just the cutest thing you ever did see!!!

Today is just a quick post as I have only just got home after a business dinner, but I remembered I had these pics and thought she was too cute not to share. This is Tim's sisters puppy and she is a dachshund/lab mix, shes only a few months old but is already causing trouble and breaking hearts!!!! She only has little chubby legs (like a sausage dog) and is hilarious when she runs as she wiggles her bum and her ears are so floppy she looks like dumbo when she jumps of the sofa. She also likes to lie on her back and have her belly tickled.....such a princess!!

23 October 2012

accidental mini beauty haul

Look at me pretending to be a beauty blogger!!! So this is what happened......after work my car accidentally turned right instead of left and I ended up at the Trafford Centre, such a shame but I did come home with some lovely new beauty items.

Garnier 24 hr hydrating day cream
I was in need of a new moisturiser as my No7 beautiful skin day cream is running out and I also find it a bit too heavy for my skin. I liked the look of this one as it is enriched with rose water, which I have heard many a rave review on. Apparently it acts as an anti inflammatory and soothes dry irritated skin, something I suffer with a lot. I expect big things from this little pot and at the moment its half price in superdrug (£2.99) so snap it up while you can

Kate Moss matte lipstick
 I have been asking you lovely bloggers on twitter for advice on good matte lipsticks with staying power. I was recommended Kate Moss' new range by several people so I bit the bullet and bought shade 110, which is a lovely coral/red. So far I am not IN love with it but its better than other lipsticks I own. As it's a matte lipstick it does stay on longer than lipsticks that are slightly more glossy but I by the time I got home from the Trafford Centre my lips did feel a little dry. I suppose nothing that cant be solved with a bit of vaseline.

NYC ultra last lipwear
This lipstick is in the shade blue rose and I think its stunning. I have lots of red lipsticks but not many pinks so I thought I would give this one a go and at £1.49 if I don't love it I'm not going to feel too guilty. I like how it has a blue undertone as I believe it helps make your teeth look whiter, something that I will always welcome with the state of my knashers (serial coke drinker)

Mua Nail Polish
I am a mahusive fan of MUA nail polish. It's cheap, applies like a dream and it surprisingly lasts longer than most polishes I own. I love both of these shades, the first one is bright plum and matches perfectly which the NYC lipstick. I think the slight blue shimmer in it will look gorgeous on. The second is called all nude and I have big plans for this lil number. I am planning on using it as a base coat with Barry M's rose quartz glitter on top. OOO ER!!

So there you have it, my lil beauty haul. (I will review each item in due course)

22 October 2012

pick it out of the clouds

Top- Topshop Maternity
Jacket- Primark
Skirt- H&M
Belt- Primark
Shoes- Matalan

Ladies....today I am gracing you with my make up free face, you lucky souls!! It was my first day back at work today and after an emotional time trying to get myself out of bed I didn't have any time to put my slap on. To be honest most days I venture into work without make up, not many people see me throughout the day as my office is like (is) a cupboard with no windows and usually it is just me and my colleague in there. The most civilisation I encounter is upon the short walk across the corridor to the toilets. My job is thrilling can you tell?
Enough about my lack of make up and more about my new top. No I am not pregnant but my top is however from the maternity section in Toppers. I don't usually shop in Topshop let alone the maternity section, however I spotted this lil aztec number on the sale rale and at £7 it was a no brainer. To be honest I am not quite sure how this is a maternity top as I cant see much room for a baby bump but Topshop sizes have always been strange in my eyes.

21 October 2012

LM Beauty- Nail polish review

Every now and again I like to mix things up a bit on my blog and do a beauty post. A couple of weeks ago LM Beauty tweeted that they wanted some bloggers to review their nail polishes. I jumped at this opportunity as I do have a border line obsession with painting my nails and they kindly sent me this gorgeous shimmery mushroom colour a few days later.
 (I have Barry M Rose quartz glitter on my ring finger which I think goes beautifully which the nude shade.)

I had never heard of LM Beauty but I am always on the look out for new brands of nail polish and I have to say I am very impressed with this one. 

I was so surprised that I only needed one coat of this polish to get an opaque coverage, something that is really important me as I am very impatient!!! The brush is also a nice size for my nails so it went on easily.

Drying time
I think the polish dried quite quickly, which is a major bonus, however I did notice some slight crease marks  the next morning so they may have been a little damp when I went to bed.

How long does it last?
I applied the polish on Tuesday night before I went on holiday. By the time I got home on Saturday night there was only some slight chipping on the tip of my nail and on the nail bed, this is what impressed me the most. Here is what they looked like on Sunday before I reapplied the polish.

You can't buy LM Beauty in the shops as they are a brand who supplies beauty spa's and salons however you can buy it online here .I think this particular polish retails for around £7.00. 

Would I recommend this brand?

Before I go I just want to mention and say a big thank you to Ruby and Rose jewelry  I recently won one of their giveaways on twitter and one of the things they sent me was the beautiful silver and black bracelet pictured above. 

20 October 2012

I am not afraid of storms, I am learning how to sail my ship

On the way to Southampton we stopped off in Oxford. I have never been before and all I can say is it is a beautiful place.

Our gorgeous room on the cruise ship. Champagne on ice...yes please!!!

So i'm back feeling relaxed and also 1 stone heavier!!! Cruises are the only place where it becomes acceptable to eat 5 times a day! I had such a lovely break it was just what I needed. Brugge is such a gorgeous place its a shame it rained all day, the photos just don't do it justice. We were only there for a day but we made sure we ate plenty of belgium chocolate and waffles before we left. 
The cruise was ship was beautiful and we definately weren't on it for long enough. Spending time in the amazing theatre, eating 4 course meals and sitting in hot tubs on the deck is just such a special experience. Those of you who have never cruised before I urge you to go on one, you will be hooked.