18 September 2012

spreading some blog love

I am feeling rather chipper today so I thought I would spread some blog love around the bloggersphere. Here are a few of my fav blogs and a bit about them:

Caroline’s blog is a mixture of fashion and beauty. Every week she does a trend on trial post with I really enjoy reading. She also takes fab photos.

I am a new reader of Laurens blog but her style is amazing and I love her photos.

Robyn’s blog is mainly about fashion and posts on her bargain fashion finds. I love reading her outfit posts and she has wicked hair :)

Lyzi’s blog is so fun. I love the design and the way she edits her photos.

Becky’s blog is one of the very first blogs I found and I have loved it ever since. She has gorgeous clothes and I love her outfit photos that she takes in her gorgeous shabby chic bedroom.

I love Alice’s style; her blog is mainly about fashion which is great as I love to look at outfit posts.

Julia is a babe. She always leaves lovely comments on my blog and I also love her style

Gwen’s blog is fab. She does amazing DIY posts that are really easy to follow and I love her fashion sense.

Kayleigh blog is so girly and I love it, I especially loved reading all of her posts about her time in Australia.



  1. Thank you for including me :) xxx.

  2. Ah thanks so much!! Really appreciate it :) xx

  3. Aw Laura, this is so lovely, thank you! I love your blog also :) xx

  4. Aw what a lovely feature! Some great blogs too!!



Thanks for your comments :) xx