26 September 2012

Pink Ombre

Dress worn as skirt- H&M, Jumper- Primark, Scarf- Primark, Shoes- Matalan, Bracelet- Old

I love that since starting to blog my fashion sense has changed so much and I am wearing things that I would never normally wear. A year ago you would rarely see me in skirt, let alone a skirt and trainers combo but I have to say this is one of my favourite outfits that I have featured on my blog so far. I also love getting outfit inspiration from other bloggers. 

I love this jumper from Primark, its such a pretty colour and is not too thick. I hate to feel like i'm suffocating in thick stuffy jumpers. It was also a bargain at £8, I might go back and get another one in a different colour. I am so impressed by Primani at the moment, I am lusting over everything in their limited edition range especially the amazing prints. I am going to be blogging about it tommorow.


  1. This outfit is fab, I love your shoes! My style has deff evolved too since starting a blog, one of the best things about blogging! xxx

  2. Awesome outfit doll. Its totally my style:)
    Sara xx

  3. Ah i love it! xo


  4. Ooh I like the ombre. And the belt + skirt combo is cool, I always like doing that x


    1. Thanks! They have the ombré jumper is loads of diff colours! They are so nice x

  5. Love the ombre jumper. I'm wearing alot of thigns I was perviously scared of wearing before I started bloging too!


  6. yay love a bargain jumper!your outfit looks great!x

  7. I have the same scarf as you! I love it with the top, very pretty outfit x

  8. Beautiful! Love your sweater xx


Thanks for your comments :) xx