4 September 2012

New York Dolls

Jacket- Debenhams
Top- Bought when I lived in Florida
Skirt- h&m
Boots- Primark
Sunnies- Bought abroad

Yes...I am aware I am sporting a Nikki Minaj ghetto in this pic but I was standing in a rather unfortunate pose. My bum I can live with but I really am starting to hate on my tree trunk legs, I have always been really comfortable with my body but always had an issue with my pins. I just wish I was a little taller and I had a little less thigh muscle!!!! 
I cant remember where I bought this top from but its another one of those items that has been around for many moons and keeps coming out of my wardrobe to save the day. I don't know who the New York Dolls are (should I?) but they look pretty cool!!

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  1. I'm not seeing tree trunk legs lady, you look great! Your jacket is loooovely (and don't worry...I don't know who the New York Dolls are either!) xxx


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