7 September 2012

M&S very vintage dresses challenge

M&S isn’t a store I shop in…..I’m not going to lie about that. But I was contacted by M&S stories the other day asking whether I wanted to take part in the very vintage dresses challenge. You all know I love these kinds of posts but I was hesitant as for one I don’t ever shop in M&S and two I am not a massive vintage dress wearer. However, when I read the brief for the challenge I wanted to get involved. You can find more info about the challenge here but basically I was to submit a picture on my blog and share my vintage dress story. I have posted about this dress before on my blog but here it is again (apologies for the rogue bra strap)

This dress was sat on its lonesome one day on the sale rail in Primark. It didn’t scream buy me, I never wear dresses and I didn’t even like it that much but for whatever reason (insanity??) I picked it up to try it on and at £5 it was an absolute bargain. Those of you who shop in Primark will know of their crazy sizes so I didn’t even think it would fit me but lone and behold it did…like a glove and I actually really liked it. Off to the till I went feeling all smug that I had just found a purdy dress for £5 but it was definitely my lucky day that day as when the shop assistant rang it through it had been reduced again to £2!!! I liked it even more then.
I wore it to work the next day and got lots of lovely compliments which was nice, I also got great satisfaction out of telling people I only paid £2 for it. I think this dress is quite vintage-esque (not a word I know) which is why I thought I would take part in the challenge.

(fuzzy close up of the squirrel print....cute much!!!)

The 2nd part of the challenge was to choose a current M&S dress from the website and explain why I would like it in my wardrobe. This is the dress I chose.

I did struggle with this part of the challenge as a lot of the dresses on the website were either full length or knee length which it an absolutely NO for me as I am so small. I do however love this dress and who wouldn’t love a dress with squirrels on it? I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a black dress and would squirrel print ever go out of fashion??? I mean squirrels have been around for a gazillion years.

I love the classic cut of this dress and the length is perfect. It’s not too girly for me which I like and I think you could wear it for work, out for dinner or even just for a walk in the park. A multifunctional dress….what more could you want!!

Have any of you entered this challenge? You can find the full dress range here

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  1. That dress is gorgeous, cant believe it was only £2!


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