27 September 2012

Graphic prints

After watching styled to rock on Tuesday I knew I wanted to do a post about prints. For those of you who didn’t see it (if you don’t want me to spoil it stop reading now), this week the designers challenge was to design their own graphic print and make a stage outfit for Cheryl Cole.
They were given a digital camera and were told to go out on the streets of London and take pictures of things that inspired them and their favourite picture would be manipulated by a graphic designer and printed onto fabric. I loved this idea, how cool would it be to take a picture of something and have your own print made.  One of the designers went to an aquarium and took pictures of the tropical fish, the designer then picked out and cropped elements of the picture to create an amazing colourful design, you couldn’t even tell it had come from a picture of a fish.

Some of the outfits were a bit quirky (I have featured my fave below) but I loved the concept and colours of the prints. I remembered that during my last visit to Primark I came across their gorgeous limited edition range that included some amazing prints. I love the fact that event though were slowly rolling into the winter months bright colours and bold prints are still pretty much up there with the other AW trends.

Here are my fav picks from the collection.

Do you like graphic prints?

26 September 2012

Pink Ombre

Dress worn as skirt- H&M, Jumper- Primark, Scarf- Primark, Shoes- Matalan, Bracelet- Old

I love that since starting to blog my fashion sense has changed so much and I am wearing things that I would never normally wear. A year ago you would rarely see me in skirt, let alone a skirt and trainers combo but I have to say this is one of my favourite outfits that I have featured on my blog so far. I also love getting outfit inspiration from other bloggers. 

I love this jumper from Primark, its such a pretty colour and is not too thick. I hate to feel like i'm suffocating in thick stuffy jumpers. It was also a bargain at £8, I might go back and get another one in a different colour. I am so impressed by Primani at the moment, I am lusting over everything in their limited edition range especially the amazing prints. I am going to be blogging about it tommorow.

25 September 2012

Top ten tips for uni

I have seen on twitter recently that a lot of you have just started or are about to start uni. Once upon a day I was a fresher (nostalgic much) so I thought I would share with you some of my advice on how to survive your first year at uni. 

1.  When your student loan goes in and you have money signs flashing in the eyeballs it may be tempting to go out and blow it all in Topshop…DON’T!! Remember this money has to last you a whole year and it needs to cover all sorts of boring things like rent and books. That’s not to say you can’t treat yourself to a new winter coat or go out every night during freshers week but you need to budget. Work out roughly how much you have to spend a month and if you can try not to spend over that amount. One handy tip is to get cash out and keep it somewhere safe in your room, buying things on your card all the time is a sure fire way to lose track of your spending.

2.      One thing I regret about uni was not joining a society. Societies are a great way to meet new people, make lifelong friends and to also go on some amazing trips. There are so many different societies to choose from whether it be sport, art and crafts, languages or performing arts. At your freshers fair keep your eye out for the range of societies your university has to offer and don't hesitate to join any that take your fancy. 

3.      If you don’t know how to already….learn how to cook as soon as you can. I didn’t know how to cook at all in my first year at uni and spent a lot of my student loan on microwave meals and frozen food. This may seem like a good idea but it’s not the cheapest way to live. Even if it’s just learning the basics like soup, spaghetti bolognaise or chilli, once you know how you can make batches and freeze them. Handy if you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen making something with a hangover!!!!

4.      I know this one is really obvious, but be respectful of your housemates. Remember you will be with these people for a year. If you borrow a tea bag make sure you return the favour, if you use someones pan make sure you wash it up and put it back.

5.  if you can, draw up a rota. It gets complicated when there is a group of you to remember who last mopped the kitchen floor. I lived with 10 people so this was quite difficult but having some kind of structure helped.

6.    If you are wanting to get a job during your first year at uni get in there quick. You may not feel like trawling round town with a CV in freshers week but believe me the good jobs go FAST.

7.      If you feel homesick don’t be tempted to go home every weekend. I had a few friends who did this and ended up leaving uni all together. I hated my first flat and wanted to go home everyday but I rode it out and after some persistent phone calls to the student advise office they moved me into an amazing flat. I am still friends with most of them today. If you don't like your flat don’t suffer in silence, the university is there to help and there will always be someone you can turn to for advise. Going to uni is scary but everyone feels the same, chances are you flatmates are homesick to so don’t shut yourself in your room, get out there and say hi J  

7.      Make your room as personal of possible. This is your space for a whole year so don’t be afraid to fill it with pictures, cushions, fairy lights anything that makes you feel like home. 

8. Make sure you pay for a TV license, we made the mistake of thinking we were covered being in halls but your not. 

9. Walk as much as you can. It may be tempting to hop on a bus to get to your lectures or to go shopping in town but if its not that far save your pennies and stroll there instead

24 September 2012

do you believe in life after love

Top- Primark, Fur Stole- Dorothy Perkins, Shoes- Matalan, Shorts- Zara 

Ok its official, I am obsessed with studded trainers. Funny considering a month ago I didn't even own any trainers and the thought of wearing them on my boat feet made me shudder. But yes, now I am a fully fledged convert and embracing the sport luxe look once again.Seeing as I love them so much I thought I would do a mini wish list with items from shop style. 

Can you believe this Monsoon were having today, goodbye outdoor outfit photos and helloooo indoor badly lit gloomy photos :( Hope you don't mind the poor quality, my house is quite dark and there's not many places I can take photos in it. I suppose as long as you can see the clothes that's all that matters. I'd prefer it if you didn't see my hair though!!! I am in a major hair rut at the moment, I am in that awful stage between colours and I spend most of my time putting it up as I'm not keen on the cut either. I have been toying with the idea of going short (shoulder length)  for a while now but I am to much a fanny!!! I have had long hair my whole life and get a little upset when I'm at the hairdressers and I see my long locks falling to the floor. I need to man up really and just do it. I also think I am going to go brunette for winter. What do you reckon ladies?

p.s My post title was inspired by Ella Henderson on x factor. How amazing was she on Sunday. I cried!!!!

23 September 2012

Sport Luxe

Top- Primark
Necklace- Primark
Leggings- Primark
Shoes- Matalan

I bought this necklace yesterday and it was only £3, I love neon colours against grey and black. I still have so much love for these trainers I have worn them so much. I was going for a sport luxe look here. 

22 September 2012

Celliana Jewellery

'A jewellery house that creates contemporary silhouettes that speaks of quality and expertise in design, Celliana specialises in exclusive pieces that bring to life any outfit!

Our designs combine high fashion with traditional influences and techniques. Celliana has a dedicated team of 15 designers,who aim at transcending seasonal trends and appealing to those of all ages and tastes. The collection consists of pieces that are thought out and handmade to assure a luxe look and feel.'

The lovely Sarah from Celliana sent me this gorgeous bracelet from their new range to review. I picked it out as I love turquoise beads/stones and I loved the Hamsa hand and peace charms, but it was a tough decision as there was so many nice things to choose from. My bracelet arrived within 2 days, I was really impressed with how fast it came. It came in a cute little bag and with a lovely handwritten note from Sarah. Oh and she also told me she had designed the bracelet herself which I thought was really cool. The first day I wore it out I received some lovely compliments so thank you again Sarah. If you like the bracelet you can get it for £8.00 plus £2.00 delivery charge (UK 3-4 days)

I have picked a few of my fav pieces from their 'Regal Treasure' collection to share with you (above)

Which one is your favourite? 

21 September 2012

How much is my face? TAG

No 7 beautiful skin moisturizer- £12.50 
H&M make up palette- £3
Real techniques stippling brush- £11.99
Natural collection mascara (best mascara I've ever used)- £1.99
Collection 200 perfect match foundation- £3.99 
Collection 2000 lipstick in pretty please- £2.99
Natural collection concealer- £1.99
MUA blusher- £1
Bare minerals Blusher brush- Came free with my bare minerals foundation 

GRAND TOTAL= £39.45 

So it appears my face is pretty cheap....I don't know whether that is a good thing or not, at least for my bank it is. I have never been heavily into make up and only really wear the basics. I only delve into the world of eyeliner and smokey eyes for a night out. I love this h&m make up palette, it was a panic buy one day when I was at the till, it was in the sale and I felt obliged but its extremely good considering its from a clothes shop! I use the nude colours for a everyday look. 
Surprise, surprise I have the real techniques stippling brush, every man and his cat and dog and horse has this brush and I agree with the masses....Its amazing. Hello flawless (almost) skin. 
I have also recently discovered a love for MUA, this blush was so cheap I wasn't holding out much hope but I  have to say its better than any other blush I have owned. 

How much is your face worth? 

20 September 2012

my first trainers (studded high tops)

I have a confession to make....these are my first pair of trainers since school. I have been wanting to buy some wedge trainers for a while but I couldn't find any that I liked that were a decent price.  I was off work last week and mother bear dragged me to Matalan, I wasn't expecting to buy anything but I came across these bad boys on the shelf...all by their selves and in my size. It was a sign!!! They had no price on so I said to myself if I got to the till and they were under £20 I would buy them. They were £18, mum had a 10% off card and I got a further 10% off because one of the laces was slightly frayed so in the end they were £14. 
I love them!!! 

P.s I've just realised this is my 100th post.....thank you to all my followers that make blogging so enjoyable :) 


19 September 2012

Minnie Mouse does fashion week


As I spent a year of my life working in the home of Minnie Mouse it only seemed right to do a blog post on the ‘Minnie’ inspired fashion collection featured at London Fashion week.  Disney may not seem the most obvious inspiration for a fashion range however with her polka dot dress, yellow heels and that cute bow Minnie is definitely a fashion icon in the world of Disney.

This collection has been designed by the likes of Lulu Guiness, Giles Deacon and Richard Nicoll and will be auctioned off in aid of the BFC/Bazaar Fashion Arts Foundation. My favourite has to be the grey and white maxi dress by Richard Nicoll, I love how he has used the iconic polka dot on the trousers so it can just been seen through the split. What’s your favourite piece?

Lastly I thought I would share a pic of me and the mouse herself!!



18 September 2012

spreading some blog love

I am feeling rather chipper today so I thought I would spread some blog love around the bloggersphere. Here are a few of my fav blogs and a bit about them:

Caroline’s blog is a mixture of fashion and beauty. Every week she does a trend on trial post with I really enjoy reading. She also takes fab photos.

I am a new reader of Laurens blog but her style is amazing and I love her photos.

Robyn’s blog is mainly about fashion and posts on her bargain fashion finds. I love reading her outfit posts and she has wicked hair :)

Lyzi’s blog is so fun. I love the design and the way she edits her photos.

Becky’s blog is one of the very first blogs I found and I have loved it ever since. She has gorgeous clothes and I love her outfit photos that she takes in her gorgeous shabby chic bedroom.

I love Alice’s style; her blog is mainly about fashion which is great as I love to look at outfit posts.

Julia is a babe. She always leaves lovely comments on my blog and I also love her style

Gwen’s blog is fab. She does amazing DIY posts that are really easy to follow and I love her fashion sense.

Kayleigh blog is so girly and I love it, I especially loved reading all of her posts about her time in Australia.


10 September 2012

Mini primark haul

Black Peplum- £4, Patterned peplum- £6, Ombre Jumper- £8, Black tee- £4  Skull scarfs- £3 each 
Necklace- £1, Shoes- £6

Oops i've been spending money I don't have but I decided my wardrobe needed updating with a few statement pieces. All these items are from Primarni and they all came to under £40 which I think is such a bargain and yes I did buy another peplum top but I couldn't resist the print of this one. I also love the scarfs...Alexander McQueen who??? :) 


8 September 2012

peplum obsession

Top- Primark
Scarf- Primark
Jeans- Topshop
Shoes- old 

Im getting a bit addicted to peplum tops. I have a body like a cardboard cut out...straight up and straight down so its nice to wear something that gives the illusion of curves!! I wore this last night to dinner with Teej, we went to Hickoreys smokehouse in Chester which is literally AHmazing. You get popcorn on the table to eat before the meal and they do the biggest and most sexual ribs I have ever tasted. It was an early night for us both after that, we couldnt deal with the huge food babies. I drove home in a rib induced coma!!!!!

Are you a peplum fan?