12 August 2012

what I've been up to this month

So I am back after a break from blogging, not for any particular reason I just fancied some time away from the interwebs. As you can prob also tell from the first few pics I have been to a wedding. I went to Aberdeen last weekend for a few days as my Disney housemate was getting married. It was the first wedding I have ever been to but I can honestly say the day couldn't have been more perfect, the bride looked absolutely stunning (as you can see in the pic, I cut her head off as I didn't know whether she would want to be on here), the sun shone and we danced all night to a ceilidh band which was hilarious. 
So anyway, heres what Ive been up to the rest of the time....

1. My outfit for the wedding. My dress is from Forever 21, I got it in the sale for ten pounds and I thought it really cute. It did however break at the end of the night, my friends boyfriend had to save my dignity with a kirby grip!!! My shoes are from Primark and I LOVE them. 

2. The best idea ever, the groom had ordered the bride a photo booth as a surprise. There was a dressing up box with wigs and all sorts to wear, I have to say after a few drinks this was just too funny!!

3. The beautiful bride

4. The best hangover mcflurry I ever did see!!

5. These ribs were sexual and can you believe this was only a half rack. The restaurant is on the riverbank in Chester, such a nice place to eat.

6.Me and the boyf at Albert Docks in Liverpool

7. Being 12 again on the swings in Knutsford Park

8 + 9. No words......!!!!!!


  1. Your dress from the wedding looks gorgeous on you.. love the colours!x

  2. The dress was a bargain. It looks great.

    I love playing in the park. I spent ages on a seesaw yesterday.


  3. looks like so much fun! :) great post, thanks for sharing!



Thanks for your comments :) xx