2 August 2012

Nailed it!!! my fav nail tips


      After recieving so many comments on my nail tip of the day post  I thought I would dedicate a whole post to some of my favourite nail tips. Hope you enjoy.

1.   If like me you always manage to paint your cuticles as well as your nails then to solve this problem all you need is a little bit of Vaseline. Before you paint your nails rub some Vaseline on the sides of your nails and at the nail base, after painting your nails and letting them dry wipe the Vaseline off with some tissue and you should be left with polish free cuticles.

2.      This is one of my favourite tips. You know when your nail varnish turns gloopy and it’s a nightmare trying to paint on, well whatever you do DON’T throw it away. All you need to do is pour a tiny bit of nail polish remover into the bottle, put the lid back on and give it a really good shake. This will thin out the nail varnish and get rid of those nasty clumps, you will now be able to get a few more uses out of your favourite colour J

3.      I am the world most impatient person but I love to paint my nails, I absolutely hate waiting for my nails to dry and always end up smudging them because I try to do things when they are still wet. After you have painted your nails run the cold tap for a few minutes until it’s pretty much freezing, place each finger under the tap pointing downwards so the water flows down your nail (this will stop the water smudging the polish) repeat each finger a few times and after about 5 minutes your nails should be dry.

4.      Ever thought of using kitchen roll for nail art? No…me neither. Apparently the quilted (patterned) kitchen towels can be used for printing patterns onto your nails. Just paint a small amount of polish onto a small corner of the towel and dab it onto your nail.

5.      Snagged a nail and can’t find a nail file anywhere in the house? Don’t panic match boxes are the perfect substitute. Just rub your nail on the rough side of the match box and it works just the same as a nail file.

6.      For softer cuticles rub some moisturising lip balm into your nails. This is a great idea for if you are on the go.  


  1. These are great tips! Thank you :)

  2. awesome tips! xx


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  4. such a helpful post! have just followed x

  5. great tips! I would have never thought of drying nails under cold water or using a match box instead of nail file!

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