15 August 2012

Freddie and Cinnamon

White Dress- House of Fraser
Blue Topaz Chandellier earrings £74.00
Cut Florite bracelet £66.00
Turquoise bow ring £128.00  

Black dress- House of Fraser
Wood turquoise drop earrings £64.00
Sterling silver ball bracelet £104.00
Peacock pearl ring £34.00

I was contacted today by the lovely ladies from Freddie & Cinnamon to see if I wanted to do a blogpost on their jewellery. Naturally I said yes,as you can probably tell I have a slight jewellery addiction and whats more I love pretty much everything on the website.

So who are Freddie & Cinnamon. This is what they have to say:

We started Freddie & Cinnamon for a few reasons:

The most important one was that we couldn’t find jewellery that was real, well designed and trendy yet wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. 

We wanted jewellery that would be made from the "lovely stuff" like precious metals, semi-precious gemstones and sometimes other beautiful and natural “ingredients” like wood or leather. 

We wanted jewellery well made and beautifully designed; we wanted fashionable, fun, statement pieces that would go with different outfits and would allow us to express our personalities and moods. 

We really couldn’t find anything like this at a reasonable price. Then we realised there’s more girls like us and this is how it all started.

Our jewellery is a combination of our own designs and works of talented jewellers that work with us. Vast majority is hand made and therefore each piece is slightly different. We use only precious metals and semi precious gemstones; sometimes we would be tempted by beautiful leathers and luxurious wood, but we’re always faithful to the "real stuff". Costume jewellery can’t be found here – not because we don’t like it but purely because this isn’t what we do'

As I am not going on holiday this year I thought I was depress myself further and do a holiday day to night 'virtual' outfit. When I am on holiday I like to keep my outfits simple, especially when it's really hot, the last thing I want to be doing is layering up. This is why I think jewellery is such an important aspect of your holiday wardrobe as it can really transform a plain outfit. I have chosen my favourite pieces from the site and paired them with a simple white dress for a day time look and a equally simple black dress for a night time look. 
I think my favourite is probably the turquoise bow ring, I love turquoise stones and they look fab on this quirky design, definitely a statement piece. I also love the cut florite bracelet I think the colour of the stones are so unique. They also have a range of gorgeous stacking rings. Anyway enough of me talking about it, check the site out yourself you wont be disappointed.

Whats your favourite piece?


  1. These pieces are so pretty, I'm in love with the gold and turquoise ring.
    I think I'll go and have a peek :)


  2. great stylings, thanks Laura! make sure to take part in our giveaway for a chance to win £150 to spend on Freddie & Cinnamon jewellery! :)

    1. no problem :) i enjoyed doing it .xx


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