27 August 2012

a weekend in Bristol

1. @ The Zoo
2. Cheddar Gorge
3. Before dinner/ posing at the gorge
4. Sunset in bath (can you see the hot air balloons?)
5. Chillin in the room
6. Windswept at the harbour/before dinner
7.Bristol harbour (check out the coloured houses... cute much)

There's two things I learnt this weekend, one being that spontaneous trips are definitely the best kind and two being that sometimes I forget how amazing England really is. I am not going to lie, a weekend in Bristol doesn't quite compare to a week in the sun somewhere fancy but its been a tough year for me and T.J financially so a staycation had to do. Anyway, every now and again its nice to leave the comfort of your own city or town and spend some time exploring the unfamiliar. 
On Saturday morning we drove down south and met Tim's family at Bristol Zoo, usually I love Zoos but the temperamental weather mixed with the twenty five thousand kids meant for a not so enjoyable day. For me the holiday started when me and Tim got back to the hotel and went for a dip in the jacuzzi and then dolled up and went out for some nosh. On Sunday we woke up at Sparrows fart (really early) and drove to Cheddar Gorge...oh my what a beautiful place. We had a big fat full english in this adorable shabby chic cafe and then went for a stroll around the gorge. We found this tiny little sweet shop and inside was this little old man in a factory and you could watch him make the sweets by hand, I love things like that, its nice to see that somewhere in the world they still make things like they used to. After a few hours we then drove back to Brizzle, spent the day lazing around in the sunshine and then drove to Bath for dinner. We went to this dinky little panasian restaurant and the food was so FIT, we had the most amazing ribs and I really wanted to ask the little thai chef lady for the recipe!! I'm sure it was some family secret that only she knows about. It's a shame we only had the evening in Bath as its such a gorgeous city, Manchester you've been good to me but you have some serious contenders out there!!
Today the weather wasn't so kind, so what you do when its raining and you've ran out of money....you go to a museum! To be fair it was actually quite good, who said you need to spend anything to have fun!! We then strolled into the centre of Bristol and had the most amazing Burritos that were literally the size of my head (I don't joke). After that it was time to head home but all in all a freakin awesome weekend with the best company a girl could have......!! 

What did you do this bank holiday?

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