30 August 2012

hidden treasures

I'm not going to apologise for the headless shots. My hair was like chip fat and my face... Well not much better!!! This dress is a recent eBay bargain at £1.50. I am not to keen on the boob areas but nothing a scarf can't fix. I love the purple with my red shoes :)

I have posted this on my phone because I am having serious problems uploading pics to blogger on my laptop. When I click on add image it just sits loading for ages and won't go to the upload page. Any ideas?

28 August 2012

from day to night

Autumn is fast approaching and already shops are stocking up with next seasons collections. Baroque is set to be Autumns hottest print so for this post I have decided to style up this gorgeous Baroque print dress from New Look for a day and night look.

I love layering baggy jumpers over dresses; it turns a dress into a completely different outfit. These studded ankle boots are gorgeous and would look great with tights when the days start to get cooler. Collars are also going to be big this season and I absolutely love this one from topshop, it looks great against the print and also blends well with the studs on the boots.

Red is the new black this autumn as well as embellished heels, I think these heels add an amazing splash of colour to the outfit and the gold toe caps match well with the box clutch. The spikes on the shoes and the shape of the bag makes the outfit slightly more edgy which I love.

All the items in both looks can be found on shopstyle. This website is such a genius idea, if you have something in mind you are wanting to buy just type it into shop style and it filters through all of the fashion websites and displays all its finds on the one page. You can also refine the search by price, brand or colour etc. You have to check it out for yourself.

27 August 2012

a weekend in Bristol

1. @ The Zoo
2. Cheddar Gorge
3. Before dinner/ posing at the gorge
4. Sunset in bath (can you see the hot air balloons?)
5. Chillin in the room
6. Windswept at the harbour/before dinner
7.Bristol harbour (check out the coloured houses... cute much)

There's two things I learnt this weekend, one being that spontaneous trips are definitely the best kind and two being that sometimes I forget how amazing England really is. I am not going to lie, a weekend in Bristol doesn't quite compare to a week in the sun somewhere fancy but its been a tough year for me and T.J financially so a staycation had to do. Anyway, every now and again its nice to leave the comfort of your own city or town and spend some time exploring the unfamiliar. 
On Saturday morning we drove down south and met Tim's family at Bristol Zoo, usually I love Zoos but the temperamental weather mixed with the twenty five thousand kids meant for a not so enjoyable day. For me the holiday started when me and Tim got back to the hotel and went for a dip in the jacuzzi and then dolled up and went out for some nosh. On Sunday we woke up at Sparrows fart (really early) and drove to Cheddar Gorge...oh my what a beautiful place. We had a big fat full english in this adorable shabby chic cafe and then went for a stroll around the gorge. We found this tiny little sweet shop and inside was this little old man in a factory and you could watch him make the sweets by hand, I love things like that, its nice to see that somewhere in the world they still make things like they used to. After a few hours we then drove back to Brizzle, spent the day lazing around in the sunshine and then drove to Bath for dinner. We went to this dinky little panasian restaurant and the food was so FIT, we had the most amazing ribs and I really wanted to ask the little thai chef lady for the recipe!! I'm sure it was some family secret that only she knows about. It's a shame we only had the evening in Bath as its such a gorgeous city, Manchester you've been good to me but you have some serious contenders out there!!
Today the weather wasn't so kind, so what you do when its raining and you've ran out of money....you go to a museum! To be fair it was actually quite good, who said you need to spend anything to have fun!! We then strolled into the centre of Bristol and had the most amazing Burritos that were literally the size of my head (I don't joke). After that it was time to head home but all in all a freakin awesome weekend with the best company a girl could have......!! 

What did you do this bank holiday?

21 August 2012


Top- Topshop (old)
Shorts- Zara
Boots- Primark

Get dressed.take pictures.blog. GOOOOOO!! Didn't think I would be able to blog today as I am going to my friends for dinner but shes running late so I got a chance to take some photos before I left. This top always hides at the back of my wardrobe, it should stop being so shy coz I actually really like it even if I do look like I belong in the zoo. I have had it for donkeys, definitely a good investment piece. I am thinking of customizing these shorts, they aren't doing it for me anymore, nothing a few studs and a pair of scissors cant fix!! 

20 August 2012

Bohemian rhapsody

Dress worn as maxi skirt- Primark 
Top- Forever 21
Bandeau- Primark
Bracelet- Macys 

I wanted to post again today as I wont be able to tomorrow.
I am sporting the boho chic look in these piccies and thought I would get my boat feet out for you. This dress is from the kids section in primark, when I first bought it the fit was quite nice but after a few washes it went a bit funny but I really like it as a skirt. This is what I love about blogging, I am discovering new looks from the clothes I already have. The top is a recent purchase and although its quite simple I love the subtle polka dots and the back is gorgeous (I forgot to take a picture of it but it has an open back) I think this outfit would like pretty dam cool with some converse, I have been wanting some for ages and I think its time to treat myself to some for.....well just being cool (Jokes)


How to be a budget fashionista

Spend hours virtual shopping online drooling over the pretty dresses in topshop and wishing you could afford those shoes that you don’t really need but want anyway? Do you walk into boots and find yourself reaching for the benefit counter but end up at the cheapest make up stand you can find? I hear ya. I work full time but when the responsibilities of adulthood take over I am left with a measly amount to play with, but that doesn’t mean I can’t buy nice things and my wardrobe isn’t necessarily empty. Growing up I always worked, I had my first job at the age of 15 and I was only given a small amount of pocket money a month which I quite rightfully had to earn. I think one of the most valuable lessons my parents taught me was how to be careful with my money and my mum’s thrifty ways have definitely rubbed off on me throughout life. I am not going to lie; I do get a kick out of telling people that my sexy new shoes were from the bargain bin at New Look and cost me almost the same as a  Mcdonalds meal !!

Here are a few of my thrifty shopping secrets.

1.      Venture out of your comfort zone……..
Don’t be afraid to look in places you wouldn’t usually shop. I am quite lucky in the fact that I’m reasonably small (5 ft 3) and can sometimes get away with wearing kids clothes. H&M is a classic example of acceptable children’s fashion, next time you’re in there why not take a mooch down to the kids department. You never know what you might find and the clothes are a lot cheaper and fun J 
Trendy clothes also don’t always hide in the popular high street shops. Keep an open mind, if the have the patience step away from your usual shopping routine, take a look in shops you would never usually shop in. You never know what you might find. An example of this was when I was wandering through Chester Precinct whilst holiday shopping, I walked past a tatty looking market shop and for some reason something drew me in. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular but I ended up at their shoe section, most of it was horrendous but amongst all the junk was a beautiful pair of nude wedges screaming my name, the £5.00 price tag made them even more appealing. Needless to say they made their way into my life and I left the shop feeling rather smug with myself knowing I had a lovely new pair of shoes for my hol and my bank hadn’t suffered.

     2.      Shop around for treasures……..

I rarely buy full price jewellery unless there is a specific item I am wanting to buy. High street shops these days have such high turnovers when it comes to stocking jewellery so will almost always have items on sale. When a trend becomes popular, rather than going out and buying it straight away I wait until the next jewellery ‘obsession’ comes into the shops and then I can grab yesterday’s news in the sale. Shop around, Topshop don’t always have jewellery sales on but Dorothy Perkins might, or maybe even New Look. One of my favourite places to buy jewellery is Outfit; they almost always have sales on and in the past have bought some beautiful pieces for next to nothing.

3.      Poundshops are definitely your friend……

The likes of poundland and home and bargain used to terrify me…for what reason I am not quite sure but it’s safe to say now they are now on my shopping itinerary almost every time I go. I have found some absolutely amazing things in Poundland, you have to persevere but take your time and you will be rewarded. Deep amongst the cheap tat is a sea of treasures waiting to be put in your shopping basket. These kinds of shops are particularly good for make up; I have found products such as stila, sally Hansen, Olay and Rimmel all for the glorious price of 100 pennies. Buying make up from Poundland is also a good way to try out new brands without breaking the bank, especially if you end up not liking them. I recently bought a stila foundation from Poundland which I didn’t get along with but I didn’t feel guilty about putting it to the back of my make up draw.

4.      Don’t shop at weekends………

Besides fighting crowds of hungry shoppers and tripping over mounds of clothes in Primark, weekends just aren’t the best time to shop in terms of securing yourself a bargain. Thursday evenings are the best as this is when most weekend sales start, if you go on a Saturday there might not be much left. Items also tend to go on sales 6 to 8 weeks after they enter the shops so hold out. Patience is a virtue my friends!!!

Lastly think ahead, buy your winter bargains in March and put them to the back of your wardrobe in preparation for when the chilly days start rolling in.

5.      Shop your stash………..

Wardrobe shopping is a great way to save money. Remember, trends go in cycles, what was fashionable in Winter 2010 might just become fashionable again in 2012. Don’t throw things away, put them to one side and don’t be afraid to mix old trends with new trends. I have managed to create some really cool outfits with clothes I have had for years by just adding a new accessory or a new pair of shoes.


You don’t have to tell me….Primark is pretty dam scary at the best of times but get it right and you will not be disappointed. Go either super early in the morning or late at night in the week. Take your time, sale items are not always necessarily on sale rails. Take this dress for example, it was only £2.00

When you do get to the sale rails but prepared to trawl through a load of crap but you never know what may find lurking at the back, also try things on. Things may not look great on the hangers but think outside the box, they may look great on.

Lastly, before you head to the tills with a basket full of goodies, take a look in the men’s section. Remember this season’s trends are not just for women and sometimes men’s clothes can be quite feminine, I have seen a few bloggers buy some amazing t shirts from the men’s section in Primark and have created gorgeous pieces by customising them.

16 August 2012

I love vinyl

Shirt- Primark  
Top- Asos (DIY)  
Jeans- Topshop  
Shoes- Primark

Quick a dry spell take some pictures!!!!! I wish i was brave enough to wear this out in public, I am not one for bearing my midriff I'm to much of a prude!! I do love this outfit though. I especially love my shoes as not only do they fill a wedge shaped hole in my life (my beloved nude ones have been ditched) but the colour of them is just so god dam gorgeous and even better they were an absolute bargain at £16.00. I am a massive fan in general of this type of shoe, they tend to make my short legs look a tad bit longer and because of the block sole they are really easy to walk in and are super comfy.
I am off to nandos now :) nom nom. I gently hinted to my boyfriend today that I was suffering with severe nandos cravings and he kindly offered to treat me to tea. Don't worry I will be covering up my belly, no one wants to see a food baby!!!


15 August 2012

Freddie and Cinnamon

White Dress- House of Fraser
Blue Topaz Chandellier earrings £74.00
Cut Florite bracelet £66.00
Turquoise bow ring £128.00  

Black dress- House of Fraser
Wood turquoise drop earrings £64.00
Sterling silver ball bracelet £104.00
Peacock pearl ring £34.00

I was contacted today by the lovely ladies from Freddie & Cinnamon to see if I wanted to do a blogpost on their jewellery. Naturally I said yes,as you can probably tell I have a slight jewellery addiction and whats more I love pretty much everything on the website.

So who are Freddie & Cinnamon. This is what they have to say:

We started Freddie & Cinnamon for a few reasons:

The most important one was that we couldn’t find jewellery that was real, well designed and trendy yet wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. 

We wanted jewellery that would be made from the "lovely stuff" like precious metals, semi-precious gemstones and sometimes other beautiful and natural “ingredients” like wood or leather. 

We wanted jewellery well made and beautifully designed; we wanted fashionable, fun, statement pieces that would go with different outfits and would allow us to express our personalities and moods. 

We really couldn’t find anything like this at a reasonable price. Then we realised there’s more girls like us and this is how it all started.

Our jewellery is a combination of our own designs and works of talented jewellers that work with us. Vast majority is hand made and therefore each piece is slightly different. We use only precious metals and semi precious gemstones; sometimes we would be tempted by beautiful leathers and luxurious wood, but we’re always faithful to the "real stuff". Costume jewellery can’t be found here – not because we don’t like it but purely because this isn’t what we do'

As I am not going on holiday this year I thought I was depress myself further and do a holiday day to night 'virtual' outfit. When I am on holiday I like to keep my outfits simple, especially when it's really hot, the last thing I want to be doing is layering up. This is why I think jewellery is such an important aspect of your holiday wardrobe as it can really transform a plain outfit. I have chosen my favourite pieces from the site and paired them with a simple white dress for a day time look and a equally simple black dress for a night time look. 
I think my favourite is probably the turquoise bow ring, I love turquoise stones and they look fab on this quirky design, definitely a statement piece. I also love the cut florite bracelet I think the colour of the stones are so unique. They also have a range of gorgeous stacking rings. Anyway enough of me talking about it, check the site out yourself you wont be disappointed.

Whats your favourite piece?

13 August 2012

House of Fraser style challenge

I was contacted this morning by House of Fraser to see if I wanted to take part in their style blogger challenge. I really enjoyed doing the last one on my blog so I jumped at the chance to do another and the bonus is that the winner gets £200 in vouchers. 

All you have to do is go on to their website and put together a look for next season, post it on your blog, talk about why you love the outfit and where you would wear it and leave a comment on the House of Fraser blog (linked here)

So here is my entry inspired by AW 12/13's up and coming oriental trend. 

Top- After seeing a lot of oriental pieces in New York Fashion Week I decided to focus my outfit on one key oriental item. I love the colours in this top and not only is the print elegantly oriental, it also fits in with the winter blooms trend that you will see on a lot of items in A/W collections. Here

Jeans- Leather was the fabric of choice on this seasons catwalks, black being the most popular of shades. I love these imitation leather/wax look skinny jeans. Black skinny jeans are an absolute wardrobe stable. They are a key item that can transform an outfit into a multitude of styles. Here

Blazer- Optical prints are also set to be huge next season, as well as over sized clothing. I absolutely love this blazer. You may think it clashes with the top but I think sometimes clashing prints really works. Go bold or go home!!! Here 

Shoes- I am in love with these Kurt Gieger shoes. The platform sole and block heel make for a really edgy look which is contrasted with the flirty pillarbox red. I also find block heels so much easier to walk in than stilettos, I bet these are super comfy. Here 

Bag- Red is definitely the new Black this autumn. I think this bag really compliments the shoes and I love the subtle delicate lace detailing, its just enough detail to draw some attention to it without taking emphasis away from the gorgeous top. Here 

Bracelet- I love how the red beads in the bracelet look like the red blossom on the top. The jewellery definitely needs to be kept simple with this outfit which is why I went for just a wrist cuff.

I would wear this outfit out to dinner or to a nice bar.

Do you like my outfit? 

12 August 2012

what I've been up to this month

So I am back after a break from blogging, not for any particular reason I just fancied some time away from the interwebs. As you can prob also tell from the first few pics I have been to a wedding. I went to Aberdeen last weekend for a few days as my Disney housemate was getting married. It was the first wedding I have ever been to but I can honestly say the day couldn't have been more perfect, the bride looked absolutely stunning (as you can see in the pic, I cut her head off as I didn't know whether she would want to be on here), the sun shone and we danced all night to a ceilidh band which was hilarious. 
So anyway, heres what Ive been up to the rest of the time....

1. My outfit for the wedding. My dress is from Forever 21, I got it in the sale for ten pounds and I thought it really cute. It did however break at the end of the night, my friends boyfriend had to save my dignity with a kirby grip!!! My shoes are from Primark and I LOVE them. 

2. The best idea ever, the groom had ordered the bride a photo booth as a surprise. There was a dressing up box with wigs and all sorts to wear, I have to say after a few drinks this was just too funny!!

3. The beautiful bride

4. The best hangover mcflurry I ever did see!!

5. These ribs were sexual and can you believe this was only a half rack. The restaurant is on the riverbank in Chester, such a nice place to eat.

6.Me and the boyf at Albert Docks in Liverpool

7. Being 12 again on the swings in Knutsford Park

8 + 9. No words......!!!!!!

2 August 2012

Nailed it!!! my fav nail tips


      After recieving so many comments on my nail tip of the day post  I thought I would dedicate a whole post to some of my favourite nail tips. Hope you enjoy.

1.   If like me you always manage to paint your cuticles as well as your nails then to solve this problem all you need is a little bit of Vaseline. Before you paint your nails rub some Vaseline on the sides of your nails and at the nail base, after painting your nails and letting them dry wipe the Vaseline off with some tissue and you should be left with polish free cuticles.

2.      This is one of my favourite tips. You know when your nail varnish turns gloopy and it’s a nightmare trying to paint on, well whatever you do DON’T throw it away. All you need to do is pour a tiny bit of nail polish remover into the bottle, put the lid back on and give it a really good shake. This will thin out the nail varnish and get rid of those nasty clumps, you will now be able to get a few more uses out of your favourite colour J

3.      I am the world most impatient person but I love to paint my nails, I absolutely hate waiting for my nails to dry and always end up smudging them because I try to do things when they are still wet. After you have painted your nails run the cold tap for a few minutes until it’s pretty much freezing, place each finger under the tap pointing downwards so the water flows down your nail (this will stop the water smudging the polish) repeat each finger a few times and after about 5 minutes your nails should be dry.

4.      Ever thought of using kitchen roll for nail art? No…me neither. Apparently the quilted (patterned) kitchen towels can be used for printing patterns onto your nails. Just paint a small amount of polish onto a small corner of the towel and dab it onto your nail.

5.      Snagged a nail and can’t find a nail file anywhere in the house? Don’t panic match boxes are the perfect substitute. Just rub your nail on the rough side of the match box and it works just the same as a nail file.

6.      For softer cuticles rub some moisturising lip balm into your nails. This is a great idea for if you are on the go.