6 July 2012

A-Z of me!!!

This is a bit late considering my blog had been around a while but I thought I would let you know some interesting (pointless) facts about me...Enjoy

Age: 24

Bed size: Double

Chore you hate: Hands down…washing up!! I would eat off paper plates if my boyfriend would let me!!

Dogs: If I had the time

Essential start of your day: Snoozing my alarm clock

Favourite colour: Purple

Gold or Silver: Silver

Height: 5 ft 3 and a half. The half makes all the difference

Instruments I play: I used to play the violin but I gave up when I discovered boys

Job title: Group conference consultant

Kids: One day

Live: Manchester

Mums name: Carolyn aka mother bear

Nickname: Lou, Laurie, Laurieloo, Lola, Lau, Lauz, Laura Kate, L.K. (how ironic…my parents called me Laura because it couldn’t be shortened, how wrong they were)

Pet peeve: Being let down

Quote from a movie: ‘Just keep swiimmiinnggg, swwiimmiinngggg, swimmingggg!!!!’  Shame on you if you don’t know the film!!!

Right of left handed: Right

Siblings: Lil sister

Time you wake up: too early- meh to full time jobs

Underwear: Whatever I can find in the morning!!!!

Vegetables you dislike: sprouts..who likes sprouts!

What makes you run late: losing my car keys

X Rays you have done: Teeth, Arm

Yummy food you make: Mexican I luurrvveee it

Zoo animal: Red panda



  1. great post hun!
    I love your blog! you have great taste! Please check out mine, would be an honour!
    thank you so much
    It's Fashion Damnit
    <3 xxxx

  2. Hi lovely!

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, check out the details on my blog!



  3. like your blog!!
    keep posting and go for it!



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