1 July 2012

Todays Outfit- New pleated h&m skirt

Top- Zara  Skirt- H&M  Jacket- Debenhams Shoes- Primark

This skirt was another result of perseverance, I've been wanting it for ages and every time I would go into H&M I would secretly wish it had made its way onto the sale rack. Just as I'd forgotten about it the little beauty waved at me from the £7.00 sale rale.
 I have been going through a love/hate relationship with this top (more hate than love) and I'm not going to lie it has found its way into the charity bag/ebay pile a few times but actually I think I just discovered a match made in heaven. I love how it looks with the skirt and I am definitely going to keep it. YAY for wardrobe shopping!!
I also want to apologize for the state of my shoes, nude suede and dirty club floors don't mix too well. They to have made it into the reject pile much to my dismay but I cant do it....I love them too much. They were £5.00 from a skanky market shop and soooo comfy, who knew they would make such good friends with my feet. I do think however last night may have been the death of them. RIP shoes. 

Oh, the cheesy post title is a quote from snow white. I am suffering with a slight case of nostalgia today about my time in Disney World, it happens sometimes. I am also getting tres excited because one of my roommates from Disney is getting married in a few weeks, shes the first out of all my friends to get married and I cant wait. 



  1. such a cute outfit. i love the nude shoes! they're always so easy to wear with everything!x

    1. Thanks! Me 2 I am def going to have to invest in another pair x

  2. pretty skirt!

    would you like to follow each other?


  3. It's the best when things you want wind up in the sale! This is a really pretty skirt and your top is so cute too! xxx


Thanks for your comments :) xx