22 July 2012

my latest bargain finds

Disk earrings- Miss Selfridge
Small crosses- Dorothy Perkins (part of a set for £1.00)
Hamsa hand dangly earrings- Dorothy Perkins £1.00
Disk Necklace- Debenhams £2.00
Spike necklace- Dorothy Perkins £2.00 
Stila tinted moisturiser- Poundland 
Olay face wipes- Home and bargain £1.00

I rarely pay full price for jewellery anymore. If you shop at the right time you can get some amazing bargains. How adorable are the hamsa hands earrings, I also love the spike necklace its really different to others I have seen in the likes of Topshop, the different coloured beads in between the spikes are really pretty. I love jewellery that is edgy but girly.
My ultimate bargain find was this stila tinted moisturiser. If you have the time and patience to properly look in places like poundland etc you can find some amazing things for next to nothing. I took a gamble with the shade of this moisturiser as they only had 1 but its the perfect match and if it wasn't it wouldn't have broken the bank. I also saw some sally hensen nail varnishes whilst I was in there but I was being good. 
Whats your best bargain find?


  1. Such great finds! I really love the hamsa hand earings and the spike necklace- wanted one like that for a while. I really need to shop around the jewellery sales!


    1. If you have an outfit near you check it out cz they have amazing jewellery sales x

  2. I love the Hamsa Hand earrings- they are so cute! So simple and look so much more expensive :)

    Would love you to check out my blog- i've just done a bit of a redesign and would love to get some thoughts on it :)


  3. I swear we never get the good things in our Poundland! Might have to have a look this week regardless though as I can't resist a bargain!


  4. I adore those cross earrings, and your spike necklace :) what bargains! I've had a few Dorothy Perkins sale jewellery bargains this week too. I never pay full price for jewellery either - there are too many good deals when the sales are on! The Stila was an amazing purchase - can't believe you found it in Poundland - I am so envious!! x

  5. I love dorothy perkins jewellery - especially when its on sale :)
    Can't believe you found stila in poundland!!
    Great blog x

  6. Some gorgeous pieces! I love the necklaces x


Thanks for your comments :) xx