4 July 2012

my hair story

I am going through a hair rut....I need new hair. The top picture is what my hair looks like now and quite frankly i'm bored of my natural mousey browness (soz about the constipation face..sun was in eyes) I thought I would share with you a few colours I have dabbled with in the past and you could let me know your thoughts. I think my fav is the red but those bottle red heads out there will know its sooo hard to maintain a good colour as it fades so fast. 
This time I want to be brave and embrace shorter hair, I have always had long locks but I fancy a change. I stumbled across this pic of Miley Cyrus the other day and I have a big fat hair crush on her 

What do you think? 

P.s i pixellated my friends faces coz I didn't wana plaster their lovely mugs on the interwebs without their permish!!!


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