13 June 2012

to blog or not to blog!!!

As you may/may not have noticed, I havent posted in a while. Truth be told me and the boyf made a naughty purchase on Friday night and got tickets for Parklife festival off ebay for DIRT cheap....it would be have been rude not to and considering every man and his dog were going and I live in Manchester it just seemed like a no brainer really. I did have a mini panic when I realised I didnt have any wellies but a last minute dash to Asda at 9pm on Friday night solved the issue and I was the proud new owner of some neon pink wellies :)

Anyway that is the reason I havent blogged since last week but also as you all know the weather is poo so outfit photos have taken a back seat and to be honest not having anyone to take them for me makes it difficult. Also the fact that I am EXTREMELY low on funds at the mo doesnt help, paying rent on our little house, council tax, bills, car insurance bllaahhh blah you know the drill, doesnt leave me with much at the end of the month and unfortunately I cant buy new clothes and shoes and make up as much as I'd love to. Which really does make me question why I have a fashion/beauty blog lol but thats where you guys come in. I have been pondering as to whether or not to stop blogging. Dont get me wrong for me its not about how many followers I have or how popular my blog is, I just want to provide something that people enjoy reading because I do really enjoy writing it. SOOOO my question to you lovely readers is.... what do you most enjoy reading about? Outfit posts? Make up? Lifestyle posts? Come on guys I need some love lol.



  1. Love Outfit and Lifestyle Posts! i´m a new Follower :)

    Lovely Greetings ♡

  2. Hey babe,
    I've had exactly the same sort of dip in motivation/inspiration for blogging over the last couple of weeks and I think a lot of it is down to not having enough money to constantly by new things to talk about! I think if you enjoy writing it though definitely carry on because obviously people should blog because they enjoy but I know how it feels when you don't think people bother reading what you are writing. I just enjoy hearing about things that other bloggers like and their lives so just carry on doing that and you can't go wrong :).

    As a new blogger finding it a bit tough as well I'll definitely be supporting you to carry on!
    Hope you had a good time at parklife as well, loads of my friends from Uni went and said it was amazing, wish I'd gone now!

    1. Hey lovely thanks for your sweet message!!! It is tough not having much money. I work full time aswell and I just it hard fitting it in lol!! I do love reading blogs about people who love to bargain shop so maybe never having any money isn't really all that bad lol!!!


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