20 June 2012

sobert nails

I think I have found my favourite summer shade. This colour reminds me of yellow bon bons and is appropriately named 'sorbet'. This little beauty is one of Tesco's all about nails collection and is only a bargainous price of 99 english pennies. Yes you do have to do a few coats before you get an opaque finish but it goes on nicely and so far I haven't seen any chippage! I definitely see a few more of these in my shopping basket next time I do a food shop. I seriously recommend these polishes as a cheaper alternative to essie (ooo that's brave!!!) 



  1. i've got a few of the Tesco brand nail varnishs, and i love the amount of colours which they have!
    i haven't seen this colour yet, so i'll have to keep my eyes open as it's a lovely summer colour!


    1. My tesco only seems to have a small selection of colours which is annoying!!!


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