30 June 2012

pretty little raindrops

Jacket- Debenhams  Top- h&m  Jeans- Topshop  Boots- Primark 
Hair- Rats tails from the rain

Today T.J's parents came to visit and we took the pooch for several walks in the Derbyshire country side. 
As we left the house it was beautiful sunshine and blue skies, fast forward a few hours and we were sheltering under a bush in the middle of a forest from the torrential downpours, hence the slightly inappropriate wardrobe choice..I really should learn to dress for England's schizophrenic weather!!!  The 2nd picture down demonstrates one of the many skills I have learnt from watching Bear Grills....leaf umbrella...GENIUS!!!
The top I am wearing was another triumphant buy, I tried it on in H&M not long ago and liked it but put it back because I am a tight arse!! Yesterday I walked into the one in the trafford centre and I saw it in the sale for a fiver...mwwahaa perseverance pays off again!!
I am now off to stuff my chops with chinese and overdose with one to many jeagar bombs.



  1. Love the top! Its always nice when you find stuff you wanted in the sale! x

    1. Thanks! It was a good bargain!! :) x

  2. Aww I love your outfit :) Yay love it when you don't buy an item at the time when you first see it and then see it again in the sales :)


  3. oh the weather confuses me.. and i never wear appropriate clothing for it.. ever! booo!
    love your cute outfit :) xx


Thanks for your comments :) xx