27 June 2012

Fesitval fever!!!!

Just a few piccies from the festivals I have attended over the years, the one on the right is from a couple of weeks ago at parklife, do you love my wellies? As Parklife is the only one my list for this year I thought I was reminise over the past. I realise I look like a tool in most of the photos but isnt that what your supposed to do at festivals...put on your wellies and behave like you wouldnt any other time of the year!!!!

Which festivals are you all attending this year??GOOO OONN make me jealous!!!!!



  1. Great post I love festivals but not going to any this year :( have a great time :) hope you will follow my blog :)



  2. I'm not going to any this year, there's not too much hype over them this year.. I've been to Leeds for the past couple of years and it's such a fun experience! Have fun at Parklife! xo



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