30 June 2012

pretty little raindrops

Jacket- Debenhams  Top- h&m  Jeans- Topshop  Boots- Primark 
Hair- Rats tails from the rain

Today T.J's parents came to visit and we took the pooch for several walks in the Derbyshire country side. 
As we left the house it was beautiful sunshine and blue skies, fast forward a few hours and we were sheltering under a bush in the middle of a forest from the torrential downpours, hence the slightly inappropriate wardrobe choice..I really should learn to dress for England's schizophrenic weather!!!  The 2nd picture down demonstrates one of the many skills I have learnt from watching Bear Grills....leaf umbrella...GENIUS!!!
The top I am wearing was another triumphant buy, I tried it on in H&M not long ago and liked it but put it back because I am a tight arse!! Yesterday I walked into the one in the trafford centre and I saw it in the sale for a fiver...mwwahaa perseverance pays off again!!
I am now off to stuff my chops with chinese and overdose with one to many jeagar bombs.


27 June 2012

Fesitval fever!!!!

Just a few piccies from the festivals I have attended over the years, the one on the right is from a couple of weeks ago at parklife, do you love my wellies? As Parklife is the only one my list for this year I thought I was reminise over the past. I realise I look like a tool in most of the photos but isnt that what your supposed to do at festivals...put on your wellies and behave like you wouldnt any other time of the year!!!!

Which festivals are you all attending this year??GOOO OONN make me jealous!!!!!


26 June 2012

not on the high street

                                                                  Not on the high street
Theres not much to say about this website apart from its amazing. Above is just a selection of my fav pieces and they are all under £20.00. Teacup ring anyone?

If you are looking for a unique gift for a friend or relative or maybe even yourself (sometimes you need to spoil yourself) then this website is a must! It says it all in the name so send a gift and make someone feel proud to say 'its not from the highstreet darling'!!!!


24 June 2012

Eye of the tiger

Top- Primark  Shorts- Primark  Shoes- New Look  Bracelets- H&M  Ring- Primark
Necklace- gift 

This top caused me a a lot of grief. You know when you go into Primark and you pick up what you think is the size you want and you get it home put it on and you cant even get it over your head.....yeah that!!!!!
I wanted this top to be oversized but when I took it back I couldn't bring myself to face customer services so I made do with the tight unflattering size I had. I'm not overly keen with this outfit but I thought I'd share it anyway.


23 June 2012

Hed Kandi Beach Party nails

Sunglasses at the ready ladies!!! I present to you Models own beach party from the Hed Kandi range, if I were to be a nail polish I would be this colour. Its fecking amazing, I nearly blinded the boyf and my mum when I showed them my nails and to be honest they nearly vommed (they have no taste) but I think this colour is delicious.... can a colour be delicious? Its so summery and I just love it. If I am completely honest the colour is slightly more orange in real life and the polish consistency isn't amazing but hey the weather is crap and if I wana paint my nails fluorescent orange and pretend I'm in Ibiza I dam well will :) This is my first Models own purchase and it most certainly wont be my last. Why not keep adding to my already MASSIVE collection......nail polish rehab anyone??

(Sorry for the crappy picture quality, I am at my parents so don't have the camera, I will have to deal with my Ipad for now)


22 June 2012

My amazing supermarket playsuit

I am not a millionaire and neither am I extremely poor however I do have rent and bills to pay and a car to run so as much as I would love to spend my entire paycheck in Zara and Topshop its just not possible. Thankfully our trusty supermarkets are coming up trumps these days with the latest fashion and whereas I don't normally shop/look in Asda I do occasionally pop in and my last visit was a gudden. How freakin amazing is this playsuit and for £16.00 I ain't feeling guilty for buying it. I was unsure about the cut out bits at first, I felt a bit naked but HELLO I just could not pass up on that sexy tribal/animal print. I also love the collar and as I am writing this I have just realised my nails match perfectly, another supermarket buy might I add. (Tesco's all about nails)
Anyway I am off to fire dance with my rain stick


21 June 2012

My £2.00 dress

Dress- Primark 
Buying this dress involved one of those moments when you see something in the sale and then when you get to the till its even cheaper. The dress was marked at £5.00 but ended up being £2.00 and I think its adorable. It's not something I would usually wear but like I said in a previous post I am trying to bring out my girly side and wear more dresses. 


20 June 2012

sobert nails

I think I have found my favourite summer shade. This colour reminds me of yellow bon bons and is appropriately named 'sorbet'. This little beauty is one of Tesco's all about nails collection and is only a bargainous price of 99 english pennies. Yes you do have to do a few coats before you get an opaque finish but it goes on nicely and so far I haven't seen any chippage! I definitely see a few more of these in my shopping basket next time I do a food shop. I seriously recommend these polishes as a cheaper alternative to essie (ooo that's brave!!!) 


19 June 2012

It started with a kiss

Blazer- H&M  Jeans- Topshop  Top- New Look  Shoes- New Look  Bracelet- Primark

Everyone say CRINGE at me blowing kisses at the camera!! I don't know why I think this is acceptable but  I guess its better than a trout pout!! I wore this outfit when the boy took me out for some Thai scran, obviously I am wearing the leighs again, whatever else but I have to say this is one of my all time favourite tops. I bought it 3 years ago for the very first Parklife festival and its safe to say it hasn't left my back since. 
Can you also tell I love these shoes? They are just the perfect pair of black shoes and for £7.00 I'm not complaining. 


18 June 2012

comfy in leopard print

Cardigan- Primark  Top- River Island  Jeans- Topshop  Boots- Primark

Well its official...my winter footwear has crawled back out of the wardrobe. SOB!! I cant say I am disappointed though as I have rekindled an old love affair...my purple primarni ankle boots. I mean who wouldn't love purple studded boots!!!  
Again I am rocking the trusty topshop leigh jeans, oh how I love their super soft stretchiness, one thing though, the zip ALWAYS come down on both my pairs. Does anyone else share this wee problem? I do tend to forget about it and find myself walking around blissfully unaware that i'm flying low! must remember to don pretty undercrackers when sporting the leighs!!!!


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16 June 2012

acid wash nails

I'm not going to take the credit for this idea, I got it from Gwen over at This Fashion Is Mine If you haven't already checked out her blog....shame on you because its one of my favs. 

This look was created by using to different pink shades. I started painting 2 coats of Barry M's pink flamingo on my nails, when that was completely dry I then painted over it with 1 coat of Me Me Me's Graceful. You have to make sure the top coat is dry as a bone before you continue or you will end up with cotton ball fluff stuck to it which isn't a sexy look!!! 

You then need to put a small amount of nail varnish remover on a cotton wool ball and dab your nail to create the two toned affect, make sure you don't use too much remover or you will end up taking all of the nail varnish off. I found this look really easy to create and I think it looks really cool. I cant wait to try out different colour combinations.


14 June 2012

Millie Mackintosh- style crush

Millie Mackintosh is my absolute fav girl crush! I am not that way inclined but jeeeesus she is hot and her style is to die for. Obv I don't have Millie's chocolate empire (for those of you who don't know her fam invented quality street) so I thought I would do a 'get the look' for less post....long tanned legs not included!!!

From left to right
1 + 2- Missguided
3. H&M-£19.99
4. Dorothy Perkins- £12.00
5. French connection via amazon- £25.00 
6. Debenhams- £45.00 
7. Topshop-£38.00
8. La redoute- £25.00
9.Ebay- £9.99

All of the above apart from the bag and the Missguided dresses can be found on shop style....My new fav website. 


13 June 2012

to blog or not to blog!!!

As you may/may not have noticed, I havent posted in a while. Truth be told me and the boyf made a naughty purchase on Friday night and got tickets for Parklife festival off ebay for DIRT cheap....it would be have been rude not to and considering every man and his dog were going and I live in Manchester it just seemed like a no brainer really. I did have a mini panic when I realised I didnt have any wellies but a last minute dash to Asda at 9pm on Friday night solved the issue and I was the proud new owner of some neon pink wellies :)

Anyway that is the reason I havent blogged since last week but also as you all know the weather is poo so outfit photos have taken a back seat and to be honest not having anyone to take them for me makes it difficult. Also the fact that I am EXTREMELY low on funds at the mo doesnt help, paying rent on our little house, council tax, bills, car insurance bllaahhh blah you know the drill, doesnt leave me with much at the end of the month and unfortunately I cant buy new clothes and shoes and make up as much as I'd love to. Which really does make me question why I have a fashion/beauty blog lol but thats where you guys come in. I have been pondering as to whether or not to stop blogging. Dont get me wrong for me its not about how many followers I have or how popular my blog is, I just want to provide something that people enjoy reading because I do really enjoy writing it. SOOOO my question to you lovely readers is.... what do you most enjoy reading about? Outfit posts? Make up? Lifestyle posts? Come on guys I need some love lol.


7 June 2012

No7 Beautiful skin day cream- dry skin

I have been on the hunt for a good moisturiser now for what seem like forever. I have always been lucky to have reasonably good spot free skin but it is super sensitive and dry spesh round my nose and on my forehead. When my skin is extra dry foundation just looks horrendous but because it looks bad I end up putting more on which makes it worse and it’s just like one big vicious shitty skin cycle. To be honest I was forever blaming my foundation for my dry skin but it turns out it’s my moisturiser.

My mum marched me into boots about a month ago in order to help me sort out my skin, I admit I am a bit of a cheapo when it comes to skincare, I would rather spend my money on clothes and my nails. Anyway after seeking some advice from a rather unhelpful boots sales assistant I found myself at the No7 counter, next thing I was in the chair and having my face plastered in moisturiser. I settled for this….

This is what No7say about the cream

‘No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Dry / Very Dry Skin gives rich, intensive hydration to instantly nourish, energise and smooth for flawless make-up application.’

It sounds perfect right? Well at first I absolutely loved this product. Although at £12.50 I thought it was pretty pricey it seemed to do the trick. It is quite a silky formula and doesn’t really have a scent which I love, due to my sensitive skin anything fragranced usually breaks me out in red patches. I would say although it feels silky it’s a little thicker than normal moisturisers so it takes a while to sink into your skin meaning you have to be a little patient before you apply your make up.

Upon using this for a few days along side with my new olay cleanser my skin felt loads better and loads softer, my dry patches seemed to disappear and my make up glided on like a dream. When I bought the No7 cream the sales assistant also gave me a sample of their ‘much raved about BB cream’ so I was using them both together. After a few days I noticed that my skin felt quite sticky and looked quite shiny, this is something I hadn’t experienced before having had dry skin all my life. I couldn’t work out whether it was the BB cream or the moisturiser but I had read a few reviews about BB cream being greasy so I stopped using it. I saw a slight improvement but my skin was still slightly sticky and I had developed spots on my skin and forehead L L. Turns out it was the moisturiser, after a few days without it my skin feels a lot less greasy.

I would recommend this cream to people who have super dry skin but maybe only use it every now and again when your skin is really bad.

So some words of advice, don’t buy this cream espesh if you have oily skin, secondly steer clear of No7’s BB cream (some people may like it, just my opinion)

Have any of you tried either of these products? What do you think?

6 June 2012

get the look- Rochelle from the Saturdays

Rochelle Wiseman may not be the most obvious style icon however I think her style is flawless and she gets it right everytime. She always seems to be splashed across the style pages in magazines and to be fair who wouldnt want her long tanned legs.

This is how to achieve her look for less.

Blazer- Ebay
Shorts- Quiz
Necklace- Matalan
Shoes- Forever 21
Bag- New look


5 June 2012

chevron notd!!

Today's nails of the day post is with my latest Barry M purchase and I have to say I think its one of my fav colours out of the collection, I also love the mystical name 'blue moon'. I am a sucker for duck egg blue and my room at my parents house is decorated in duck egg and brown. 
Anyway, I thought I would try my hand at chevron nails and thought Rimmels 'your majesty' shade would look great with the blue, what do you think? 


4 June 2012

New denim crush

I have been wanting a denim shirt for so so so long now and I really don't know why I haven't had one before now. But its ok a popped my denim shirt cherry and I'm loving it. Bit of acasual ootd today, sometimes it has to be done!!!!

Jeans- Topshop  Top- H&M  Denim shirt- Primark  Shoes- Primark  Sunglasses- Primark
Silver cuff bracelet- Primark (£1.00)  Ring- Beaverbrooks  Ring- Outfit (£1.00)  Cross bracelet- Outfit (£2.00) 


1 June 2012

tribal vibes!!!

I got the most awesomist playsuit today from Asda, I dont usually look in supermarkets for clothes but my mum took me and I fell in love with it instantly, I was a bit unsure about the cutty outy sides but i suppose a little flesh wont hurt nobody!!!!. The pictures are taken on my ipad which I know isn't acceptable but the boyf has the fancy camera and I'm not with him. Hey ho, life goes on. oh and it was £16.00, not bad, not bad I say!!!
 do you likey?