28 May 2012

the place where dreams are made

At 16 people asked me what I wanted to do in life and my answer was go to University and do a placement year in America. I had never been to the states as a child and always used to dream about going so I deliberately took a event management university course with a placement year in order to hopefully make that dream happen. 
Half way through first year we were told to start thinking about where we wanted to work, I immediately applied for every placement I possibly could that was in America but the one I was most excited about was Disney. I interviewed for them all not long after and I was lucky enough to be offered a place on all of them, Disney was just to much of an amazing opportunity to turn down so I took the offer. The deal was done, in August 2007 I packed my life into a suitcase and head for the sunshine state. My parents came with me which reallllyyy helped as I was so nervous and had never flown alone before, I had a bit of a disaster with my visa papers when I arrived but we were soon on the road for a weeks relaxation before the craziness began. 

I had absolutely no idea where I was going to be living until the day before I was due to arrive, I remember vividly getting the phonecall to say I was going to be living the treehouse villas........YES A TREEHOUSE!!! To be honest I nearly died when I found out, out of all the apartments complexes I had been looking at and hoping I would be in I got told I was going to be living in a wooden hut in the forest.....great!!!

The next day we packed up the car and made the journey to Disney, I remember driving through the gates and being hit with the most overwhelming feeling of excitement mixed with crazy nerves and there was no going back. We arrived at the Treehouse Villas and it was exactly what I expected

When I first opened the door I almost ran all the way back to the airport, it stank of mould and looked like something out of a country and western film. Mum shipped us straight to Wallmart to get some cleaning products and bedding (they didn't even provide bedding) in order to try and make it more homely. On my return some of my room mates had arrived. I was SO nervous about who I was going to be living with but I was so lucky to be put with 4 amazing British girls whom I am still such good friends with 5 years on. 

I don't want this post to be too long so I will try and condense a whole year into this next bit. Basically our first week was crazy, we spent time by the pool, explored the Disney Parks (yes we had unlimited free entry woop), went through extreme training at the Disney University and finally found out where we were going to be working. For me it was 6 months at the Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom followed by 6 months in retail at Hollywood Studios tower of terror. 
The costume fitting was horrendous, those of you who have been to Disney will know of the crazy costumes (uniforms) the staff wear. I was presented with a lemon yellow floor length skirt, puffball blouse and frilly apron. I nearly vommed, for a girl who never wore skirts or frills it was my worst nightmare but I had no choice, I wore it or went home. To be fair after a few weeks of wearing it I got used to it and kinda quite liked it. There was alot to learn on the job but It was so much fun but serious hard work. Long hours and not much time off. 

Working for Disney was harder than any job I had experienced before, they are not one of the worlds best companys for nothing!!! I had days where I really hated it but they were overuled by the magical days spent sprinkling pixie dust (literally) talking to kids about Cinderellas castle and seeing the smiles on their faces when they met Micky Mouse. 

6 months on me and the girls were moved into an apartment complex with thousands of other college programme students, it was so much fun. Although I was underage and couldn't drink I had so much fun doing other things I didn't have time to think about drinking.....ok maybe thats a lie!!! But I still got to go clubs. 

During my year I got to go to Miami, Puerto Rico and Colorado. I met and worked with people from all over the world, I ate the most amazing food, I shopped in huge malls, I went on a Disney Cruise and a royal carribean cruise to the Bahamas, rode tower of terror thousands of times and it never got boring, spent endless hours in magic kingdom, met celebrities and got to see wishes fireworks every single night.

Don't get me wrong, Disney was the hardest thing I ever did but at the same time the single most amazing thing I have ever done. At times I wanted to come home but I didn't and I am so glad I stayed till the end.I was so blessed to be given the opportunity and how many people out there can say they worked for the most magical place on earth. 

Here are some pictures from my year at Disney (in no particular order)



  1. Wow it looks like so much fun! I really want to go an American placement in Uni too :)

    1. you definately should it looks amazing on your c.v too :)


  2. Such a lovely post.. I understand what it's like. I worked abroad for four years in the French Alps, and at first I was terrified that I left alone and went to this other country not knowing anybody or anything, but then you realise, and have the best time! It really is a one off experience, and so many memories you keep with you.. and by the looks of your photos, it looks incredible!xx

    1. Thank you :) I had major ups and downs when i was there but I dont regret a single minute, without sounding cheesy it was the best year of my life.... I only realised that after i got back though. I had a look at some of your piccies, I would love to do a ski season but have never picked up a pair of skis!! lol.


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