8 May 2012

pack up your troubles!!!!

If any of you ladies are like me and spend most of your time with your head practically in your handbag trying to find your keys or your phone and whilst looking come across everything but the kitchen sink.......well you have to get your mittens on one of these

This nifty little number is a ready to go carrier from Primark and costs around £3.00. It is a small square sized case with lots of little nifty pockets and is designed to sit inside your handbag. There is plenty of room for your make up, umbrella, glasses phone...anything you wish to put in there really and the really cool thing about it is when you want to change bags you just lift it out and pop in into another one. How handy is that!!!!!

Its made out of a shiny material so I'm sure it would be easy to wipe down if it got grubby with make up etc. I love this idea, primark never fail to surprise me...what will they think of next!!!!



  1. This is a really good idea! Could do with this for my messy bag! x



Thanks for your comments :) xx