24 May 2012

ombre glitter nails

Just a quickie today... in the none rude sense!!!! I thought I would try my hand at ombre glitter names and if I do say so myself my first attempt isn't to shabby and it was suprisingly easy to do. I painted on a base coat of Barry M pink flamingo (i love this colour), I then painted the tips of my nails with a opaque silver rimmel polish (not sure of the name) before that dried I used a cheapy clear glitter polish to blend down the nail. And voila subtle glittery summer nails without the salon price tag :) I will definately be trying this out in different colours. 

In the mean time I apologise for the constant changing of my blog design, I will settle on a design soon I promise!!!



  1. This look is so pretty, I've tried it but it just looks funny on me! Lovely blog :) x


Thanks for your comments :) xx