1 May 2012

Olay essentials smoothing facial scrub

Hi everyone...was thinking long and hard at work today about what to blog and I decided I would  tell you all about my new olay face scrub. For years I have been really rubbish with skincare, never taking my make up off after a night out and just falling into bed, scrubbing at my face with facial wipes which left my looking like a red eyed panda and I never really stopped to think why my skin was always so dry and red. It wasn't until I was at home one weekend and I saw my mums INTENSE skincare routine (her skin is amazing) that I decided to do something about it.

I have super sensitive skin, it goes red with the slightest touch and I am forever battling with dry patches.......which is a nightmare when it comes to wearing foundation. My mum told me to try a face scrub that has a gentle exfoliator in and she swears by Olay so i head straight to boots and picked up this

What it says on the bottle

Olay essentials smoothing scrub goes beyond cleansing to help improve skins moisture. It's gentle formula, with exfoliating micro beads, smoothes away surface skin cells, impurities and make up while olay conditioners help improve skins moisture. Gentle enough to use on a daily basis.

As you can see in the pic below the micro beads are so tiny you can bearly see them, this is what I like about this product, its just the right amount of exfoliation so it doesn't feel like I'm washing my face with sand.

I just use a flannel to wash this off my face which also acts as an exfoliator and straight after use my skin feels amazingly soft. If I'm completely honest I was extremely apprehensive about this product at first as it has a slight fragrance and usually anything that has a slight scent makes me break out but so far its been perfect :) My foundation glides on better and I have no nasty dry spots round my nose and on my forehead. Thank you Olay for solving my skin nightmares :)

This next pic is completely random but I was sitting writing this post on my bed and I have only just realised how cute our garden looks from the window

Lotza love xx


  1. I suffer with dry patches too and I can never find a good exfoliator!! Will have to check this out x


  2. You should :) it wasn't very expensive either x

  3. Your garden does look very cute xxx I like this exfoliator also love the cleanser which warms up cant remember off the top of my head what it is xxx Just found your blog would you like to follow each other ? Your welcome to drop by my blog and pop your link on post my where are my fellow beauty bloggers at xxxx Hope to see you there leave a comment and I will be sure to follow back xxx

    1. Thanks for your comment :) I am following you now x


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