17 May 2012

Forever growing Barry M collection

Barry M is one of my absolute fav make up brands. Their packaging is fun, their nail varnishes are amazing and they are good friends with my bank account. Here are some of my make up collection 

Peaches and cream blush 

 Eyeliner pen (top swatch)
Brown liquid liner- Coffee shimmer (Bottom swatch)

These pictures really don't give the products full justice. I love the blusher, it looks quite garish in the pan but on your cheeks its a lovely peachy colour with an ever so slight shimmer. Its a gorgeous shade for the summer and looks lovely and pale skin like mine. Also I love the name of this blush, it makes me hungry :) You can buy this product for £4.59, I wouldn't advise using the brush though. 

The one product I don't really like is the eyeliner pen. The nib is quite thick and although it is handy for doing winged eyeliner (spesh when you have wobbly hands like moi) you have to press quite hard to get a decent pigment. It also drys up very quick. 

I do however love the liquid liner, I got bought this for my birthday and although I wasn't so sure at first (Brown isn't really something I'd go for) I really love it. You might be able to see in the picture the slight shimmer in the liner, this is great to use if your looking for a subtle look on your eyes as its not that dark. I layered it on quite thick on my hand to give you the full affect, its a lot lighter with just one coat. You can buy this for £4.79 

If anyone asked me what make up product I couldn't live without it would definitely be mascara which is why it is super important that I have a good one. I am quite lucky to have long eyelashes but they a quite straight so I love mascaras that curl my lashes. Barry M state that their '3-in-1 Mascara provides everything you need in a mascara, it volumises, lengthens and curls without clumping' 
At £6.19 it is reasonably priced and it does everything it claims to do

Lastly the crowning glory of all Barry M products.....their nail varnishes. This is only half of my collection, I have to say I am a little bit obsessed. I cant really pass a boots or superdrug without buying/wanting to buy one. At only £2.99 I think they are the holy grail of the nail varnish world, they go on easily, they dry quick and they last for ages. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their glitter polishes and I swear by the pink iridescent one which I have mentioned in a previous post. 

And just for the hell of it I thought I'd throw in a piccie of my nail varnish collection 

Do you share my love for Barry M?



  1. i share your love for Barry M, espcially the nail varnish's!

  2. woow, love them all:)

  3. great selection of nail varnishes, I love the sparkly blue one the best :)


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