23 May 2012

Dresses for £20.00 and under!!

H&M £12.99BUY HERE

Gemma Crochet 2 in 1 Dress with Chiffon Pleat Skirt

Alexa Neon Geo Print One Shoulder Maxi Dress

H&M £12.99 BUY HERE 

ASOS Strapless Skater Dress


Tropical Print Chiffon Shift Dress

Coral strappy midi dress 
                                                                               DOROTHY PERKINS £19.50 BUY HERE 

I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to dresses. I always like the thought of wearing them but I never do and there is a big dress shaped hole in my wardrobe. I suppose I am still clinging on to my old tom boy ways, I always feel a bit silly when I wear them but whenever I do I always get complimented (maybe I should listen to people more).
Just recently I have found myself being drawn to looking at dresses whilst online. I will sit there for ages with the mouse hovering over the 'add to bag' button and there are times when the dress is lucky enough to make it into my basket but I always chicken out when I get to the checkout!!!! I need to get over this phobia, dresses really aren't that scary. 
Anyway as the piggy bank is looking rather miserable this month, I thought I would share with you some larvly dresses I found online for £20.00 or less. Its almost rude to turn down something that's so pretty and so cheap. I am hoping the mint pleated dress will hop into my virtual basket at some point this week. 

who shares my dress phobia?

p.s Before I go I need your help...... what photo editing software should I use. At the moment I am just using the upload from file tab for my images and they suck. I want to be able to arrange them all nicely etc



  1. It's gorgeous isn't it!!! I might get it for my friends wedding



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