20 May 2012

Are you furreal!!!

Sorry about the awful pun in my post title...had to be done!! This weekend has been really fun, spent the day with T.J's fam yesterday and we watched phantom of the opera at the palace in Manchester, it was amazing although the day did end in a bit of drama :s We then went out for T.J's birthday last night and it was extremely messy but very fun. Here are some outfits I wore at the weekend 

Shirt- h&m  Jeans- Topshop  Shoes- Market shop  Necklace- Tesco
Jacket- Debenhams 

Shoes- Crappy market shop  Leggings- Primark  Dress- H&M  Fur collar- Dorothy Perkins
Necklace- Tesco

does anyone have any tips on taking good photos? I can never seen to find good lighting in my house and my boyf wont take pics for me lol



  1. Love the fur collar!

    I have thi probem too, just open as many curtains as you can to get most natural light and don't use the flash :)


  2. my boyfriend wouldn't take pics for me either, but i persuaded him, and now he wants to create a blog!
    try and face a window when there's natural light in the day, rather than at night, or try and change settings on your camera, but that might be a bit too long-winded for what it's worth!

    it would be nice if you could have a quick look at my blog, www.happyrebekah.blogspot.co.uk


Thanks for your comments :) xx