14 May 2012

the animals went 2 by 2!!

So we've just got back from a weekend in the lakes and we had the BEST time ever and the weather held out thank god. The Suite I booked for T.J's b.day was sooooo nice and we even had a jacuzzi bath and a purdy view of the lake. We stuffed our chops with thai food, drank wine and ended it with a trip to south lakes animal park which was fecking awesome. It was actually like being in a jungle, the animals were just roaming around and you could feed them...except the tigers and hippos etc, that would be dangerous. My fav was feeding the giraffes, beware picture heavy post. I had lots of fun playing around with the pictures in picasa

Our suite
Top- Primark  Leggings- Primark  Shoes- Primark  Vest top- Primark
Casual chat with my lemur friend

Top-  Primark  Jacket- Debenhams Jeans- Topshop  Earrings- Miss Selfridge Sunglasses- Primark

feeding a wallaby :)



  1. It looks like you had a lovely time, the suite looks lush! Really like your green blouse xxx

    1. Thanks :) it was a bargain buy from primark at £5



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