30 April 2012

Payday bargain haul

Hello Hello.......ITS PAYDAY :) I was feeling in a spending mood today so after work I thought I'd take a cheeky detour to outfit. All my fav shops under one roof, it'd be rude not to!!!!! Outfit always have mega amazing jewellery sales and today was no exception. I have been lusting over this seasons aztec trend and thought these earings and necklace were mayonaising and they were all half price.
I went straight to the till to purchase these little beauties and to my suprise they had been reduced again, can you believe the lot came to only £4.00....I love it when that happens.

So then I went on over to Tesco because I was wanting some new nail polish and I was also secretly hoping to come across a mint coloured jumper, I have been looking for one for ages. Tesco failed in the jumper department however I did stumble across this larvly necklace

Ive been looking for a nice short necklace for a while now and I thought this was so pretty, I love the colour of the beads and it was only £3.50. I then mooched on down to the make up section and decided to have a look at Tescos own make up range and picked up these two nail varnishes

The one on the left is called Bellini-101 and the one on the right is called Bronze-101. They were only 99p each. I had a tester of them on my nails and they are pretty good, you only really need one coat of the Bronze one. (sorry I havent uploaded any piccies but my nails look awful atm)

I have never tried Tesco make up before, does anyone else reccomend any other products in their make up range?


  1. you have such a luck :) i love all the jewellery you've boight and they look so fantastic and unique *_* *jealous*
    in btw I think your blog is great and I started to follow you, dear :))
    feel free to check out my blog as well, if you like!



  2. Hi Rebekah thanks for your comment :) i had a look at your blog and I am now following as your style is uber cute xxx


Thanks for your comments :) xx