29 April 2012

Friendly Fashion

Sorry for the blog overload today but I've got soooo much to tell you about. So I cant remember whos blog I saw this website on but I thought it was such a coolio idea I had to share. Recently I've been trawling through my wardrobe to decide which of my clothes I could sell on car boots/ebay, whilst it's extremely satisfying knowing that my barely worn clothes will go to happy new owners, car boots are a lot of hard work and ebay obviously has its listing fees (which do add up when you sell individual items). Friendly Fashion is a super awesome site which allows you to sell/swap or give away clothes for FREE :) :) all you need to do is become a member, upload some piccies with a quick description and bobs your uncle your item is up for grabs, if people are interested in your item it is entirely up to you how you go about recieving payment whether it be via paypal, bank transfer or cheque.

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