30 April 2012

Payday bargain haul

Hello Hello.......ITS PAYDAY :) I was feeling in a spending mood today so after work I thought I'd take a cheeky detour to outfit. All my fav shops under one roof, it'd be rude not to!!!!! Outfit always have mega amazing jewellery sales and today was no exception. I have been lusting over this seasons aztec trend and thought these earings and necklace were mayonaising and they were all half price.
I went straight to the till to purchase these little beauties and to my suprise they had been reduced again, can you believe the lot came to only £4.00....I love it when that happens.

So then I went on over to Tesco because I was wanting some new nail polish and I was also secretly hoping to come across a mint coloured jumper, I have been looking for one for ages. Tesco failed in the jumper department however I did stumble across this larvly necklace

Ive been looking for a nice short necklace for a while now and I thought this was so pretty, I love the colour of the beads and it was only £3.50. I then mooched on down to the make up section and decided to have a look at Tescos own make up range and picked up these two nail varnishes

The one on the left is called Bellini-101 and the one on the right is called Bronze-101. They were only 99p each. I had a tester of them on my nails and they are pretty good, you only really need one coat of the Bronze one. (sorry I havent uploaded any piccies but my nails look awful atm)

I have never tried Tesco make up before, does anyone else reccomend any other products in their make up range?

29 April 2012

Friendly Fashion

Sorry for the blog overload today but I've got soooo much to tell you about. So I cant remember whos blog I saw this website on but I thought it was such a coolio idea I had to share. Recently I've been trawling through my wardrobe to decide which of my clothes I could sell on car boots/ebay, whilst it's extremely satisfying knowing that my barely worn clothes will go to happy new owners, car boots are a lot of hard work and ebay obviously has its listing fees (which do add up when you sell individual items). Friendly Fashion is a super awesome site which allows you to sell/swap or give away clothes for FREE :) :) all you need to do is become a member, upload some piccies with a quick description and bobs your uncle your item is up for grabs, if people are interested in your item it is entirely up to you how you go about recieving payment whether it be via paypal, bank transfer or cheque.

YSL ring dupe

I was lucky enough to recieve a git voucher for Selfridges from my lovely jubbly friends for my burfday, whilst wandering round the shop like a deer in highlights trying to decide what to buy I thought I would check out their high street section. I mooched on over to Miss Selfridge and to my very delight they had a £1.00 jewellery sale on.............yes you saw right. I love a good bargain and this oppurtunity was to good to pass up on. Whilst standing with a handful of rings,necklaces and bracelets like a crazy magpie I came across this (apologies for the rubbish piccie i took it on my Ipad)

This ring reminds me so much of the YSL ones they also sell in Selfridges and I could actually afford it. Cue happily bouncing to the till with ring in hand and a number of other bargain beauties. Happy days

Lifes little loves

Hello hello fellow bloggers, so I am completely new to the blogging world and after gaining a new obsession for reading blogs I decided I would give it a whirl. I wouldn't say I was the worlds most fashionable person but I love everything about fashion and beauty and have an EXCELLENT eye for a cheeky bargain. Here I will share all my thoughts on lifes little loves and hopefully you will enjoy reading it.
I thought long and hard about what would my first post would be about but I decided to do a wish list, payday is around the corner and I am itching to get my paws on some of these beauties :)

1. Peach blazer- M&Co (bargain find) 2.cross t shirt- ebay  3. mint green leigh jeans- topshop 
4.Liz Earle skin repair moisturiser 4. duck egg blue shoes-new look 5. owl necklace- ebay