31 December 2012

NYE- raving or behaving

Jumper- New Look
Skirt- Topshop
Scarf- Primark
Boots- F&F @ Tesco

Whilst I am sure many of your are going to be putting on your party dresses and false eyelashes for tonights festivties, I am going to be donning my onesie, stuffing my face (again) and drinking Cava. I am quite alright with that, during my 24 years of life I have only ever had one amazing new year and that was last year. Me, Tim and a few friends went down to London to see Kasabian, zane lowe and chase and status at the o2 arena. I was a bit hesitant at first as Kasabian arent my usual cup of tea but OH MY LIFE it was amazing, chase and status were on another level of ridiculousness. If you have never seen them life you must!!!!!

Onto my outfit. The skirt was another sale purchase from Topshop at £12. If was one of those moments when you see an item sticking out on the end of a rail and it's your size and it was just clearly meant to be!!! Before this I didn't own any skater skirts but I will definately be buying more.

What are your plans for tonight, are you raving or behaving?

30 December 2012

ootd- aztec velvet skater dress

Dress- Topshop
Coat- h&m
Shoes- Tesco

Oh hey!!! I am currently sat in my onesie with tights and a jumper underneath as its so cold in my house, I never thought I would cave with the onesie trend but my sister bought me one for christmas and it's love. There is a bit of a story behind it as the one she bought me from Primark was way too big but when I went to return it they had completely sold out, I had an absolute nightmare trying to get the money back on it. I managed after a 3 day search to find one in Marks and Sparks kid section and I still have the Primark one, my sister is having to take it back herself as they wouldn't accept the gift receipt  I was so appalled with their customer service, I did tell the manager I wouldn't shop there again but we all know that's a lie!!!!

I wasn't that impressed with the sales this year partly due to the fact that they are like cattle markets but I did manage to pick up a few nice things including this dress. I had been wanting a velvet dress for an age and this one was reduced from £46 to £20 in the Topshop sale . I love the aztec print on it although I do think it looks a bit christmassy so not sure how much wear I will get out of it. The boots were a ridiculous bargain from Tesco at £10, I don't own any grey boots and I really like the tassel detail on them, they aren't the comfiest but can I complain at the price. I am now on the hunt for some real leather biker style boots, any recommendations ladies????

27 December 2012

A belated xmas post

Jacket- h&m
Top- Topshop
Leggings- Primark
Boots- Primark

Happy belated Christmas to all my lovely readers. I have had a little break from blogging as I have been spending time with family and friends and stuffing my face till I'm too full to blog....but I am back!!! I am still at my parents house so this outfit photo isn't in my usual setting and I took this picture in a flap before leaving to go shopping but HELLO new coat. It was a Christmas present off my mum and dad and its perfection, you cant really see in the picture but the fur has a hint of Burgundy in it and I am just in love. The top was a cheeky sale purchase from toppers, it was horrendous in there but I escaped with this and a gorgeous skater skirt (ootd to come). Excuse the saggy knees, the button has fell off both pairs of my leigh skinnies!!! Not cool Topshop

Onto my actual Christmas.....it was so nice and I was spoilt rotten but my family and boyfriend. I ate so much food on Christmas day I struggled to stay awake at the table and I ate even more at our 'obligatory' boxing day buffet, the cheese was flowing and we have enough roast ham to last us until next year!!! Here's a few festive pictures of my parents house

I hope you all had an amazing day  

18 December 2012

hes calling out your name- another ootd with my pull & bear blazer

Jacket- Pull & Bear
Top- outfit
Leggings- primark
shoes- matalan

It seems my staple leather jacket has been replaced. I can't stop wearing my pull & bear blazer I love it too much, it goes with everything and it's surprisingly really warm. Probably the best £30 I have spent in a while. Since blogging I have sternly told myself to stop throwing away money on clothes and to start investing in key wardrobe items. Next on my list is a snazzy pair of ankle boots (why do we say pair..its not like we'd only buy one!!!!)

17 December 2012

write it in the skyline

Jumper- Daisystreet
shorts- Zara
Scarf- Primark

I am on official countdown until Friday. Those of you who haven't seen my numerous twitter rants... I have been working alone at work now for 3 weeks and I am close to loosing my marbles/mind/patience. Spending 8 hours a day on your own in an office with no windows does nothing for your sanity so I will welcome the xmas holidays with open arms. I am SO excited for Christmas this year, we are having it at my parents house for the first time in around a decade and its going to be awesome. My mum is an AMAZING cook and the older I get the more I look forward to the food over the presents. Bring on the meat and roast potatoes and wine and cheese.....Christmas isn't Christmas without cheese!!!! Nom I can smell it already. I also love forward to the obligatory boxing day buffet using the leftovers from Christmas dinner, if I'm honest boxing day is a bit of an anticlimax so why not stuff your face with more yummy fodder. 

I lovvvee this daisystreet jumper I feel like its hugging me its so soft. I was in a quandary over what to pair it with but I am quite happy with the denim shorts and boots ensemble. Unfortunately its no longer available on the website however there are a load of other fluffy beauties on there to buy. 
Do you own anything from daisystreet?

16 December 2012

Adalynn baroque skater dress- daisystreet

I should have scheduled a date with the iron before I took these pictures but I don't think it takes away from the gorgeousness of this dress. When I attended the Daisystreet bloggers event a few weeks ago we were extremely lucky to be able to pick out something to be sent to review, this is the little beauty I chose. I really love the baroque trend for winter, I think its such a festive fabric especially in gold. I don't know how I would feel wearing baroque head to toe so I think this is subtle enough and the chiffon skirt is really flattering. I have to admit I was more than nippy taking these pictures what with the skimpy cutouts in the dress...but all in the name of fashion!!! 
Daisystreet has some amazing stock in at the moment and the free delivery is far too tempting for me. Go check them out. 
You can buy this dress here 

14 December 2012

dont be too faced!!

How gorgeous is this eye shadow. My mum gave it to me last time I was home so I am not sure how old it is but I know that Boots sells too faced products.
Just recently I have been leaning towards brown smoky eyes rather than black. I find that black looks to intense on me espesially as I am quite pale skinned. I love how when this shadow catches the light it has a green shimmer to it, it looks quite full on in the photographs however its a lot more subtle on the eye. You wont look like a lizard...dont panic!!!
 The formula is really nice and not too powdery which I like, I also think the packaging is really cute.
The make up brand is quite pricey, you can find it with the likes of stila and smashbox in boots but my mum bought this eye shadow from TJ Hughes. I am not sure whether they are still around these days but they always used to sell really good make up (a bit like TK Maxx)

You can find more Too faced products here

13 December 2012

wintery days and micropigs

Its the small things in life!!!! Nothing like a micro pig and a baby deer named Elvis as a pick me up on a cold day! What do you do when you have ran out of outfit posts....blog about animals instead!!!

12 December 2012

little red dress

Dress- Newlook
Shoes- New Look
Bag- gift

This is what I wore to my works christmas party. I dont want to go into to much detail...put it this way I had to get a taxi to work the next day as I couldnt drive!!!
It was at this amazing greek restaurant in Manchester which had the most bizarre atmosphere. Guitar players, belly dancers and dancing waiters...it was a blast! I then ended up in G.A.Y with my friend Dave but we will leave it at that (£1.50 drinks + high heels = danger)

11 December 2012

Clothes show live

Since starting my blog my love for British fashion has increased hugely. Before hand I had no style direction, I was living happily in my comfort zone of Primark leggings and didn’t really shop anywhere else. I had no clue who Jeffrey Campbell was and I thought disco pants were what I wore at the age of 5 to my dance class! I am still no Alexa chug but at least now I know what I like (and don’t) and I can appreciate amazing style and clothes when I see them.

I had attended the clothes show a few times in the past but always found it to be a bit of a cattle market. This year was a completely different story and I even went armed with VIP tickets that I had won through a twitter comp the week before. The shops weren’t really that amazing, all a bit markety, which is fine however the prices didn’t reflect that. I did manage to snap up a few bargains at the end of the day though as the prices had dropped considerably….Cheeky!!!

What I really loved was the style oozing from all four walls of the NEC, whether it be on the people attending the event or on the catwalk everywhere I looked I was being hit in the face with amazing fashion. My favourite bit had to be the young designers catwalk, there was one girl who’s collection was bloomin amazing, I would have worn it all. I wish I could design clothes and them paraded round on a catwalk but those of you who know me…I can’t draw for ****! Pipe dream.

Anyway I thought I would share with you some of my pictures, I did take around 27 hundred thousand but I didn’t want to bore you to tears. Here’s some of my fav.

Jacket- Pull and bear
Tee- New Look
Scarf and Necklace- Primark
Jeans- Toppers
Bag- gift

The gumball style thing in the background was full of complimentary nail varnish....how amazing!!!!!

10 December 2012

aztec print and christmas trees

Jumper- Clothes show
Jeans- Topshop
Shoes- Matalan

This is my lil aztec number that I bought at the clothes show along with my geek t shirt (previous post). I learnt from past experience at the clothes show that if you stick around until the end of the day most of the shops drop their prices. At the start of the day this jumper was £20 but I nabbed it for £12... mwaahaha I'm so thrifty!!!! I really love aztec print and I think the colour combination of peach and gold is gorgeous.I wanted to pair it with my black leigh jeans but they were in the wash. I also think you could dress this jumper up with heels.
I think I am going to have to have this hat surgically removed from my head I love it so much, who knew a £2 bobble hats from the kids section in primark could bring me so much joy. I want more...in every colour, just call me the hat lady!!


9 December 2012

The geek in the pink

Tee- clothes show
Shorts- Zara
Arm cuff- ebay
Hat- Primark

SAAANNNTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I know him!!! Yes I'm watching elf, literally the best Christmas film ever made. I don't normally like to watch film mores than once but I could watch elf over and over again. Anyway, excitement over!!!
I caved and bought a geek tee, it was only five pound from the clothes show and I love it. Its funny how the thought of being a geek in school scared me me but now I am more than happy to parade around in a tee donned with the word in giant letters!!! There were loads of them at the clothes show along with a load of other awesome things, I could have spent so much but I was being sensible.
The whole day was so good, I really enjoyed the VIP treatment and the AMAZING goody bag we got to take home. Thank you again OSOYOU for the tickets, separate post coming.