20 August 2015

Happiness Boutique

H&M Playsuit 4 H&M Playsuit H&M Playsuit 3 H&M Playsuit 2
Playsuit - H&M
Necklace- c/o Happiness Boutique
Boots- Boohoo
Hat- Primark
Life this summer has felt somewhat like an aeroplane in bad turbulence. Things are about to get super bumpy over this next week with our big move from Manchester but the good news is, I am starting to see the beautiful sunrise on the horizon.
Most of my possessions are currently packed away in boxes so blogging hasn't been on the top of my priorities list of late. I have however been desperate to squeeze in an outfit post before the last of my clothes go away and I spend the next 7 days in mismatched pyjamas!
This playsuit was a recent bargain from h&m. I love the print but I was immediately drawn to its gorgeous autumnal colours; I'm not wishing the summer away or anything but I do love a good rusty hue! I will definitely be wearing it loads through the next few months - no doubt with the addition of some tights (boo) and ankle boots.
My amazing necklace is from online brand Happiness Boutique and it definitely takes 'statement' to the next level. It is a little on the heavy side but I absolutely love it and have already worn it with a few different outfits. They are based in Germany but don't fret my friends...they offer free shipping worldwide.

10 August 2015

My 5 minute face

quick make up
I have always been one to favour an extra 10 minutes in bed over putting on a full face of slap. This really comes down to three factors: being lazy, not being very good at make up and loving sleep far too much. It has taken a few years of practise but I feel I have now somewhat mastered the art of doing my make up quickly and without any tragic results. In todays post I thought I would share with you some of my favourite drug store products and the components for my '5 minute face'!!
For my base I use the Bourjois healthy mix serum and the real techniques expert face brush (a duo made in heaven!!!)  A little goes a long way with this product and I finally feel like I have found a foundation that keeps my dry skin at bay but doesn't leave me feeling like an oil slick.
Next..my brows. When I am feeling super speedy I will fill them in with some brown powder and an angled brush, otherwise I will just give them a quick brush through (this is a step I cannot leave out) and use a sweep of Maybelline's brow drama. This stuff really tames the beasts!
The Bourjois one second mascara was a recent discovery and oh my goodness I am not sure I will ever look back. One coat is more than enough to give you long and full looking lashes that last all day. The brush is a little on the large side but this doesn't bother me as my lashes are quite long.
I know that it is a bold statement to say that my 5 minute face includes winged eye liner but this is not something that has come without pain and many a wasted trip to boots. It took me years to find a liquid liner that I could actually work with (felt tip style ones.....NO) and then another few years to actually master that pesky flick. Collection's fast stroke eye liner ticks all of the boxes for me and it is only £3
Lastly I will usually go for some lip liner (I recently discovered the KIKO ones and they are a dream) or a quick swipe of whatever MAC lipstick I can find in the bottom of my make up bag.

So there we have it...my '5 minute face'. By this point I am usually late and rushing out the door to try and not miss my train but at least I feel semi human.

What are you favourite products for a quick make up look?

23 July 2015

What blogging has taught me

10 things I have learnt since starting a blog 2

3 years ago I sat down and created my corner of the Internet, completely oblivious to the things it would teach me along the way- some good, some not so good. In all honesty, I didn't think the 'blogging thing' would last for more than 5 minutes; my track record for keeping up hobbies past the age of 17 (when I discovered alcohol and boys) was pretty pathetic. The fact that I gave up being a member of the university dance society because it clashed with my favourite student night says it all!

But, lo and behold, LOLA KATE is still going...here are a few things I have learnt along the way:

1. Camera envy is a thing. I don't even know how to properly use the one I have now but that doesn't mean I don't want all of the DSLR'S and lenses ever made, EVER

2. Make up counters fill me with fear. Going into Boots is like a mine field - I know more information about foundation and the 95 shades of the latest lipstick than my brain allows

3. There is no such thing as a spontaneous outfit post. I hate posing in public and I look a mess 99% of the time so it takes planning and preparation (usually on a Sunday afternoon much to my BF's annoyance)

4. Plants make for great props!!!! Every time I buy something for the house it goes through a rigorous 'can this be used for a blog photo' process

5. It is impossible for me to be away from a phone, laptop or Ipad for more than 10 minutes. You know...in case I miss something super important

6. The blogging community is made up of incredibly supportive, helpful and all round amazing human beings *tissue anyone*

7. I have developed a love for shoes, mainly for ones of  the heeled variety. 3 years ago my collection consisted of a few pairs of weathered Primark boots - it is now outgrowing my wardrobe

8. Instagram is a sanctuary of wonder and jealously in equal measures (and the addiction is real)

9. How to do winged liner. Hardly a huge life goal I know but after watching 967 tutorials on youtube, I think I have finally mastered a half decent flick (it only took me 10 years!!!)
10. All white everything

21 July 2015

Prints & Simplicity

primark skirt with kurt geiger shoes 4 Primark skirt with kurt geiger shoes primark skirt with kurt geiger shoes 7 primark skirt with kurt geiger shoes 3
Shirt- Topshop
Skirt- Primark
Shoes- c/o Shoeaholics
I am a tight wad and I like to recycle my wardrobe, so some of you may have seen this skirt on my blog before. I bought it for next to nothing last year in Primark and when I saw palm prints were back in this summer I had to get it out again. I think it goes perfectly with these amazing Kurt Geiger beauties from Shoeaholics. I love shoes that have ankle straps, I find they really flatter my legs; I also have very narrow feet so anything that stops me slipping about like bambi gets a thumbs up from me.
I am equally delighted and annoyed about being introduced to the Shoeaholics website. Delighted at the fact they sell designer shoes starting from £9- no your eyes are not deceiving you- but frustrated at the fact that I want them ALL and I have no money!
Back to the outfit....I thought I would keep things simple so I threw on this white shirt from Topshop (this has also done its fair few rounds on the blog). You really can't go wrong with a good white shirt, it is one of those staple items that everyone should have in their wardrobe- preferably one that doesn't crease like a paper bag though which this one is guilty of (you all know about my ironing phobia)
*side note* I did notice whilst editing these pictures that I am practically wearing my skirt back to front, one should learn to look in the mirror before leaving the house!!